Will She Lift Em for the Dollar?


As the dollar bulls from all over the world gather by her golden gate, and bellow, maw and huff as they dig their hot hooves into the raw earth, and as oceans of pecuniary testosterone drip upon the hardened ground, they all ache with the overwhelming desire to give it the old heave ho, they all await her long sought for affirmation that she is finally opened for business.

Great expectations are everywhere.

The question in the financial markets is “will she lift em up” finally, and let the stampede begin?
More to the point is she ready for real action, or is this going to be a minor flirtation amounting only to frustration,  and set the marketeers up
for a gross embarrassing rejection once again?

To be sure expectations for a rate hike are rising mightily, and there has been a consistent hardening of positions and of ever firmer posturing. The coin bulls are all pumped up and ready for a long productive romp in the hay. But the question still remains, is she serious, or is she just a tease, flirtatiously leading the market one more time?

Well, though she promises over and over again for some kind of genuine fulfillment of all these desires, anticipation has been repeatedly softened.  There have been a few times over the past several months where arterial dialators have been prescribed and taken due to repeated rejection, and loss of confidence. But soon enough the Bulls are back in shape, ready willing and able to get it going, if she’ll only let them have a go.

It should be pointed out that the stock boys would probably love nothing more than to get their dirty little rocks off into some hard currency
moving upwards, hardening their thrusts as they go. And the hard banging banksters too would love to see their soft money made rigid again with some real interest rate returns. Sailors from abroad, pirates too, aching on the high seas, rough as things are off on the foreign distant shores would love to land their assets on some firm ground somewhere , and get what they need to feel solid , stable and big again. The only question is will the lady oblige? More to the point, can she oblige? Is she willing, ready and able?

Does she feel secure enough? Or is she being coy only to hide her awful fear and insecurity? After all she is a virgin. And there are so many to satisfy. Her house is so full of eager customers.

No doubt the overgrown globes are burning full of fire and bursting with desire. But before leaving the stables, it would be prudent to wait for the employment report. Should there be evidence of slacking performance, worse yet, downward revisions, expectations are sure to be deflated. Hard workers devoted to their work make for great expectations, and satisfying returns. Any softness in commitment, however, and its quite likely the old misgivings will lead right back to disappointment and inflationary expectations will quickly deflate again.

I’m sure that she’ll aim to please, but doubts still linger. The higher she lifts em, the longer and harder the rise will be, of the dollar that is.

But should she lift only for a short while, or worse yet bolts for the door in mid performance, confidence will wither, and the bulls are certain to become bears. And with all the fish brought in by the foreign sailors, and the wicked pirates’ loot, there will be fish entrails and fish guts all
over the place, for as we all know, bears can be quite messy with their meals… and the fishy stink might well become unbearable.

Will she lift em up? How high, how long, and will she satisfy their primordial desires at last? These are the questions that monetary passions long
to have answered by their frothy queen!