What the Election Results Really Mean

So the Republicans Won Big….So What?

What does that really mean?

 The Reality:

The American people are sick and tired! That’s the reality! That’s what it all means!

They are angry, frustrated, and at the end of their collective wits as to what to do about a government that really does not seem to care one twit about them! That’s the reality! That’s the real reason for the big win by the opposing party!

Does anyone really think the American people have any more trust in the GOP than they do in the DNC? A laughable presumption at best. The American people know that one is not really much different than the other. About the only real difference is how either will serve its sponsors. One likes big spending programs that we cannot afford and that primarily enrich the few at the top, and the other loves big tax cuts for the wealthy, and loose regulation that gives their sponsors almost unlimited power, and the ability to collect all sums at the top. The blunt reality is that Obama was not in essence all that much different than Bush. They spent big, increased our deficit to an unbelievable level, and catered primarily to those who are in full control of the political machine of the nation! Difference? Barely superficial, at best!

Do the American people know this? Deep down inside, in each individual’s heart there is a truthsayer. Deep down,  where each human being caters to his or her soul, there is a conviction and mostly, that conviction is a truth. It may not be a universal truth. It may only be a personal truth, an understanding of the way things “really” are for that person only, but it is a truth for that person that resonates throughout their being. Sometimes each person will try to avoid the implications of that fundamental existential understanding of the soul. But in the end, each of us knows the truth, our own truth at least.

But, we are not alone. We live in a great great nation! We are riding a gigantic wave of life and power-a power that has reached the very ends of our solar system, a living power that stood supreme in the last great war and ever since, a power that has stood for the good things in life, a power that we love, and wish the best for- and this power is our nation. This is the United States of America. And we all know her in our way. She is ours. She is a real thing. A living thing. Like another person almost. Sometimes indeed we love her, and on occasion we might even hate her. But in the end, we really love her. We know her and in the deepest part or our collective heart, the vast majority of us wants what’s good for her. What’s good for her, and what’s good for her people.

We know things are not right. Deep down inside, even if its not our way to speak in public about it, deep down, we know, something’s wrong here. The nation we love is not well. We know…..

Yeah, we lash out here and there, because we know those who should do what is right, are not. We know that she is being used. We know that America is not what we want her to be. We know her luster is not there. She is not healthy. Something is wrong. And we feel it every day. We experience it every day. Every day something is not right where it should be. In fact, we can in most cases say something has been wrong for a long long  time. We know it, we feel it. We are not happy with what these representatives of ours have done with our nation, and this was the real reason behind the great losses of the Democratic party.

In reality this election was not a win by the Republicans, nor a loss by the Democrats. This was anger, and dissatisfaction. This was Rebellion! The American people reacted against the way things have been managed so far. This was simple human reaction, pure and unadulterated.


Yes, we can go into details if we want to. We can talk about the Dems own dissatisfaction with Obama and his policies both here and abroad. We can speak too of the independents, and Ron Paul derived Tea Party, and Libertarians, and those who are still poor and destitute in the world’s “richest” nation, and those just disillusioned and disheartened with the “realities” of politics. These played a big part. They either showed up, or didn’t. They either voted against, or stayed home and abstained from what they perceived to be   “fixed” big money campaigns and the election of personal lobby lawyers to the pinnacles of power in our nation. We can speak of them. But what’s the point? When all is said and done, this was reaction! This was an emotional reaction against the way this nation is being run by those who would purport to be our “representatives”.

People want to be proud of their nation. They want to look at their nation and see something they can both understand and aspire to. Both in the objective sense, that is the nation as an object external to their own lives, but also in a subjective sense, as a thing that is an intimate part of their own lives. They want to feel good each day they awaken. They want to be sure of tomorrow. They want a nation that acknowledges their own private existence, and is congenial to their well being. They want a nation they can “understand” both objectively, as a “Thing” apart from them, an organism perhaps, a living thing, but still a thing, but a valuable thing. They want their nation to have real “Value”, lasting, and effective. They want their nation to be a stable resource, something reassuring, and inspiring. Something that is not fading away into endless time. People want to see a nation that is growing, that is living, that is aspiring to new heights, not looking backwards, to the dark past, but forward to a bright future.

But they also want a nation that is part of them as individual people, with individual lives. An organism that interacts with their own personal lives organically, as an animate entity. Each day they go about their lives, they want to live in a world of people who are in some way attuned to a genial nation. Where things make sense, even if each person is to be different. They want to know the reason behind their own existence and the existence of others in the nation. They want to be certain the reason is transparent. That they know why it is someone is doing what he or she is doing. That there is a good and just reason for this, that even if they don’t particularly agree with what another might be doing, there is at least a reason, a just reason, a just cause. There is no way around this.

Today, we see clearly that this supreme “reason”, this national order is not transparent to anyone living in this nation. We haven’t a clue as to what is really happening, and yes we all pretty much know why. Because we, ourselves, we the individuals of this nation, have little impact on the destiny of this nation. Our nation has been hijacked for causes we don’t even understand.

Again we could go into details, but you can see elsewhere on this site what the real causes are if you want to. Or you can just look out your window in most cases. Things are not right. Things are not working. We vote Republican, we get a Democrat, we vote Democrat we get a Republican, we vote for reason, we get nonsense. Nothing seems to work out right. And for all the hoopla we will hear from the winners, they know, and We know that the only reason they are in power is because of our collective dissatisfaction!

And they should pay very special attention to it…..this time!

For what goes around, comes around.

A post script:

The GOP should be fully aware that there is a rebellion in the party. Those voting Republican are tired of the lies. They want change, real change. They want to return this nation back to its constitution. They want their representatives to pursue those ideals vested in the constitution, and they want it done in a practical, realistic manner. It is not necessarily true that most people in the nation want sudden corrective measures which will cause great pain. Rather, like the good artist, the American people too know that any good work can only come through long, hard work. That takes time, and patience. The trick is to continue to live and prosper during the laborious creation of something new and good.



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