The New World Disorder

The New World Order? Or Disorder?

The New World Order?  Or Disorder?

The New World Order: What is it?

Too often popular definitions and imagination get confused with real entities or ideas. This is the case with the so called New World Order(NWO).  To many the NWO is some kind of conspiracy between a small group of people whose objectives are to take over the world and in the process make slaves of the masses. Though it is very true that those calling the power shots in our government, and governments around the world are indeed relatively few, it is not necessarily true that they are any one particular group of people. They are an assortment of interests true, and these interests mostly revolve around money and power, but they are not necessarily an easily identifiable group of people.

The people calling the shots, what we would rather call the one percent, are few in number, very wealthy, very influential. And these have a large number of allies, and those who cooperate with them in both the United States and the world. So much is true. Some would like us to believe that there is a group called the Bilderburg group which is some secret assortment of people who have openly confessed and plotted to take over the world. Very often composed of kings, queens, lesser royalty, ideologues, politicians,  and billionaires like the Russian Oligarchs, George Soros, Bill Gates and Koch brothers are claimed to be part of this conspiring group who supposedly maneuver huge sums of money and influence to all the right places around the world for the purpose of seeing the world bow to their will.  But this is mostly just fiction. All these people cooperate as needed, when needed perhaps, but they are certainly not, in our view in any way a conspiracy.

Mostly they are looking out for their own private interests, or simply taking care of business as required to keep them in, or advance them towards power, money and influence.  There are also for various philosophical, if not pecuniary reasons, a number of groups that are cooperating as they see fit;  but for all intent and purpose these groups may not even like each other much, much less be a part of the same organization. These groups will cooperate when it is in their own direct, and mostly private interest and not in allegiance to one another, or for the purpose of establishing a particular totalitarian world government. These are not the New World Order!   But certainly, as we will see, they are a part of it.

So what is the New World Order?

The New World Order is mostly a designation of the strategy that took shape after the fall of the Soviet Union. After the Soviet Union caved in, America, and America’s capitalists, and Free Market ideologues took over the world in most ways. Remember that these people began to surge even during Reagan’s time and the fall of the Soviet Union, and ultimately Communism as an idea was taken by them to be a great victory for Capitalism and its Free Market Ideology!  Soon after the Berlin Wall came down, the path seemed wide open and the possibilities infinite. With the rise of the internet in the 90’s it seemed nothing could come between the Free Marketeers and their manifest destiny to take over the world. Well possibly Bill Clinton, but along comes Monica Lewinsky and even he was soon asking for forgiveness instantly proclaiming his willingness to fully cooperate.

Let’s not forget, even China seemed to succumb to the call for free markets! It was one thing to see the great dark kingdom of the Soviet Union fall, but to see China open up to commercialism was too much of an intoxication to the Capitalists. Certainly the big Capitalist up above had to be on their side.

see the Free Market System

After taking out the Soviet Union and Red China there was no longer a powerful globally organized opposition to the Capitalists’ wishes and so they saw the possibility of doing whatever they wanted to do whenever and wherever ; Vietnam itself was now caving in to the Free Market mania. It was now time to start thinking big and even bigger. Empire was actually being debated on television, as an established English guest was heard to be advocating the new role that America should now be contemplating!

After mulling it over, in public and in private they all apparently came up with the idea that the world should be turned into an open air market of sorts, where anyone could sell anything from toothpaste, to advanced weaponry and do so almost immediately aided by the newly developed global communications network more commonly known as the internet.

The plan was begun during the Clinton era and took full flight under Bush. It is this plan that is the de facto New World Order. Essentially the New World Order as it is today is a great Free Market where anyone in the world can buy and sell just about anything from anyone, anywhere instantly.  Even influence and governments can be bought and sold with impunity. Currencies, stocks, bonds, and just about any other financial instrument became available to anyone on Earth to buy and sell as they wish. With the Global Economic Expansion started by the Bush administration, aided by the communications Network expansion under Clinton now becoming fully mature, the New World Order was born in earnest. Tomorrow had come, for the Free Marketeers at least, who could not possibly see a downside to being able to buy and sell anything in the world, possibly even people’s individual rights should anyone find a way to market those.  However, we should not think that the NWO did not have opponents, it had many, and now after some fourteen years of full development it has many more.

see the Free Market System

Many have had fun, others have become rich beyond their wildest dreams as they watch their stocks go up with no possibility of ever coming down,  and some things that seemed impossible a decade ago have become everyday reality but, the New World Order is not in any way harmless. It has had some pretty bad connotations to it. In the New World Order, private, or Special Interests are pretty much free do to whatever they want. If laws stand against them, they are free to buy out those laws and make different ones if need be. There is no law against multiple special interests getting together,  if they have the money to do so, and yes they can actually conspire.

As everything, including Media came under the influence of the New World Order, those with the money and power could pretty much buy everything, and anything in sight, including corporations, government Policy, corporate Media, and Politicians. Even nations could be bought for the right amount of money. And to be sure, they did. There was simply no one powerful enough to oppose them. As the Federal Reserve’s credit was opened to the limit, and credit became nearly infinite in some avenues, there was nothing that could not be bought, sold, or manipulated-nothing!

The world became an open air market. Not only was there no restriction to what could be bought and sold in the world, but manmade conventions like borders also began to disappear. If the world was an open air market, what was the point of having borders? Labor could be more efficiently managed if anyone was allowed to work anywhere. So the borders too were made to disappear. If there was a need for cheap labor in the advanced nations, why not let cheap labor into these nations? Since markets were the objective, the more people in a given market, the better. Demand could easily be increased by allowing more potential buyers to come into a nation from another where there was less opportunity, less work, less money to go around. Conventional ideas, like the idea of Nations themselves,  seemed to be a drag on the system. The world was free, it was one! Having one large open free market where there were no barriers to trade was seen as the best outcome of the NWO. Soon trade blocks began to form allowing for free trade among billions of people. With the loose borders came very cheap labor making things that should have been expensive, and therefore conserved, cheap and available to everyone. Millions of people streamed into the industrialized nations from neighboring poorer nations. Labor and demand soared to cosmic levels.  China and India, South America and Africa could provide extremely cheap labor to large corporate conglomerate manufacturers  thus making products far more affordable and more available, as well as far more lucrative to the producers,  and so it seemed a great new world had just emerged. Before the housing crisis, it seemed as if nothing could derail our brave new world. The New World Order was for a short time deemed to be the ultimate success as almost everyone, large and small seemed to benefit.

For the Ordinary person however, things were not all that good

For awhile it was all going great, but then the price for all this expansion first reared its ugly head. The ordinary people of course, who did not have money got the short end of the bargain.  At first the infinite credit, at least in the United States made buying and selling houses fun. As prices for houses kept rising, it was easy to borrow money and spend seeing as how the equity in ones house was always going up. Besides, the consumer had to spend, for without the consumer how could the expansion reach its full stature. So credit was available to everyone, even those to whom it should not perhaps have been available. The US housing crash demonstrated the realities of unmitigated credit. More and more as their debts mounted and their lot in the world took a turn for the worst ordinary people began to  have serious misgivings about this New World Order and eventually became a dirty word to most. Today, like the old “boogie man”, the evil half monster of a man who eats little children in  dark rat infested sewers, the NWO has taken on the shape of an evil conspiracy of super rich evil people motivated by power and lusts and even religious affiliations seeking to do harm to the ordinary people of the world, even possibly enslaving them as things progress towards the establishment of a permanently evil world state. The New World Order became the new “Boogie Man” of the popular, global imagination.

Along comes the Bilderburg conspiracy and others to give a fantastic form to the monster. There are also the good old Freemasons, the Nazis, the Communists, the Satanists, and a hoard of other conspiracy groups to point to when looking for this sinister force behind the Boogie-Man like New World Order. To most people, who really don’t find much time in looking for the reality, the popular villain figure is more practical and manageable.

The term NWO has actually been around for decades, and has been used by many even before the Reagan era, but has become better known to the general public in recent times due to the instability we have experienced since the Bush administration’s explosion onto the world stage with two wars, and the global economic expansion.  For the most part we do not see the villains being quite as obvious as the popular imagination would have it.  Though it is true there are serial killers out there, who in the middle of the night do terrible,  unspeakably atrocious things to innocent people, there is no half man,  part wolf, part bat mutant monsters that we know of that are truly worthy of the designation of an honest to goodness authentic “Boogie Man”! The same is quite true of most of these conspiracy theories concerning the NWO. There is a New World Order, but it’s a lot less fantastic than the conspiracy theorists would have us believe. In fact we could say that many of these phantasmagoric theories seem to have been hatched for the purpose of misleading the populace as to the true nature of the NWO.

Its Ideas, Powered by Money that make up the New World Order

What we do see in the real world is a number of very powerful ideologies that have indeed gathered tremendous powers as the money behind them has grown. These ideologies have managed to bind a great amount of money, power, and influence together and target it towards some very specific objectives. This is very true. It is these interests, and these specific ideologies and objectives that are to be reckoned with when considering the impact of the New World Order as it is today. The NWO is a phenomenon which does exist as a real thing, and is a part of our everyday lives no matter where we are at present.

However, the New World Order is still young and still forming.  The ideas of freedom and commerce are great and true, and will make it a better world ultimately but not without preserving, and respecting  our civilization and its underlying principles-thus not everything is for sale- principles are not for sale, truth is not for sale.

Whereas the ideas that have now taken control of the NWO have not done well so far for the majority of people because not enough was done to preserve the complex order of the existing society,  in our opinion, there is still time for other ideas, newer and more vibrant to overtake the existing ones, and bring our New World Order back to Earth, and aim it back to our future destiny as a species. However, the time has come for all of us to contribute actively to this new order of the world and to the underlying ideas upon which it stands,  and thus mold it into something that is genial to the aspirations of ordinary people and to humanity in general, otherwise, if we are going to leave it the way it is now,  it might well become a New World Disorder, with all the catastrophic implications still attached.

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