The Dirtiest Four Letter Word

(As you read please try to fill in the blanks.
1. ____ four letter word that denotes an obligation that must be repaid no 
matter how it was first attained.
2. ____ a four letter qualitative description for the actions of an habitual idiot.)

The Dirty Four Letter Word Most Shunned by the Mass Media : ____

There is one word the financial mass media never uses. Its a  four letter word that is responsible for all that we are seeing today. It is a word at the heart of both the growth and decay that we are experiencing today in the financial world yet no one seems to want to mention it.

This word is the dirtiest four letter word in Media, and its ____. Its a word that is both impolite, politically incorrect, and downright vulgar in today’s financial “thought” and dialogue heard in the media. A word to be scorned and buried by all kinds of mind altering tricks and illusions.

All we ever hear is that for as long as the Fed keeps producing Credit-a five letter word- we are all good to go. No matter how bad things are, no matter how bad things look, there is no
possibility of economic collapse if the Fed keeps things going with no interest credit, and all another gleeful round of Quantitative Easing.

The same now applies to the Global economy. For as long as the Bank of Japan, Bank of China, Bank of England, and Bank of Europe keep pumping
out credit, everything and anything will find a solution. There is no consideration of the staggering amount of ____ that is now being unleashed all over the world. As far as the financial media is concerned “its all good”!

As long as there’s credit, we’re all good to go. Where there’s a credit spigot, there’s a way!

But is this a smart thought? Is it smart to think that all you need is credit and any idea, even perhaps a grotesquely ____ idea is going to be a winner?

Is that really smart?

The amount of ____ in the world today is absolutely staggering. The rate of
growth produced by the credit that resulted in this ____ was absolutely staggering. That the natural economy could grow so quickly and with so little care and still be stable is not very likely. There are probably deep contusions in the foundations of the Global economy and they will almost certainly come to play their part as soon as possible. And once real instability begins it will be hard to steady such a large edifice with hundreds of trillions of dollars in credit
default swaps.

The problem with the dirty word ____ is that it must actually be paid back. Yes ____ must be paid back, and the sooner the better, the later, the worse. For as long as ____ is outstanding it costs money in the form of interest. Oh yeah
sure, the Fed and the Central Banks have outlawed interest, but that does not
matter. ____ will always cost money for as long as it is not paid. That’s a law of nature, and neither the Fed, nor any other central bank can change any time

And should seven billion people have to account for a billion dollars in loans, somewhere lost in default, each of them would have to pay 15 cents + interest to make up for that lost loan. Today’s economists would say that’s nothing, what’s 15 cents per person, especially when they need only work a few minutes to pay that debt back? Unfortunately, it will register with the natural
economy, and the natural economy, unlike the Central Banks, is actually keeping count.

When that outstanding loan is in the hundreds of trillions, the burden on the natural economy is quite substantial.

Those who have come up with the bright idea that all we need is to put more people to work, by doing away with our borders, have an even dumber idea than that which produced the ____ in the first place!

____ does not go away, and for as long as it exists, it will drag the natural economy down.

The Central Banks, and Collusion at the financial pinnacles have over supplied the world with one product or other in the hopes of stimulating the Global economy, but this too has only resulted in more ____! And this ____ is still outstanding and only getting worse.

There is even the grotesque possibility that what we are now seeing is actually strategically induced, that’s to say China, Russia, Brazil, and the United States are actually trying to destroy each other’s economy. If so, then the ordinary
investor should get out of the way ASAP! There is no moral justification for ordinary people to be caught in the brutal machinations of deluded politicians and the rogue conspiracies that control them.

But even if this is not the case, and I admit it may not be a global financial “war” just yet(though it really could be), the simple truth is that the outstanding ____ itself is enough to bring the system to its knees. The Natural economy does not in reality care much for what tiny little rogue communities might be up to in the long run.

There is also talk of the Fed raising rates. But all the talk seems to be generated by those who having made a fortune with illusions, and put their well contrived gains into US treasuries now want the American people to pay them interest as well, and become ever richer even as the American people descend into sheer poverty.

The avoidance of this most hated of all four letter words in the financial media -____- is both amusing and enervating at the same time. As a matter of
practice it is also ____ and plain stupid.

____ does not go away, it just sucks the life out of the natural economy for as long as it remains unpaid!