Syria Complex

Syria is Extremely Complex

The situation in Syria is getting hotter by the day. There is today a Russian force in the air over Syria and it is not targetting the targets the US and its mid east allies would like it to. The Russian air force is there to re-establish the Syrian leadership and not to further its decay, as the US and its allies have sought now for many years.

In the Media we are told that there is some small disagreement between the Russians and the US coalition and they are somehow “working on it”. However the truth is there’s much more than a simple disagreement between Russia, the US, and theirĀ mid east allies. We are in a de facto proxy war with Russia. The reasons behind this confrontation in Syria are too complex and too convoluted for a short post, but what is clear is the severity of the matter.

In reality the Russians are not in Syria to protect Bashar Assad, or for that matter to protect Syria. They are not there to protect and preserve even their military base, in operation since the days of Haffez Al Assad, but they are most likely there to protect Russia itself.

The situation in Syria is absolutely critical. It is not local in any sense. It involves the Ukraine, it involves Europe, it involves our allies in the mid east, it involves the strategic and economic moves in the pacific, and even involves the recent strategic and economic moves on the African continent.

Syria also involves the present economic debt which the United States and its allies are now responsible for as well as the destiny of the Russian and Chinese economies. That is to say there is a very real economic element to this confrontation. It involves also, energy and the distribution of energy, and the particular economic and strategic benefits from that potential distribution.

It involves the interests of our allies-possibly their survival-and the interests of our oligarchic private sector, and quite possibly their own survival.

There are so many particular interests in Syria, driven for so long, and now so convoluted that there’s not likely anyone who knows the full extent of it, nor cares how any of it will come out save but for how their particular interest in this war ultimately developes. This makes for an extremely unstable atmosphere where powerful and highly destructive winds will often take the shape of monstrous global storms that may eventually take on a life of their own.

In essence the events we see in Syria are Global, and critical, and quite possibly existential. But do not expect to be told that on the evening news.

Russian Airliner

The recent Russian Airliner crash in Syria is devastating to the situation! As if all other forces were not enough to stir the violent winds of a brewing storm, this last terrorist act will destroy any hope of a reasonable resolution. The end result will be devastating.

Put it simply, ISIS is essentially the leftover Sunni resistance left over from Sadaam Hussein. They were armed by the West for the purpose of overthrowing Assad in Syria. Egypt was resisting. Russia intervened. Now a terrorist attack by a group that was in large part trained and armed by US allies. The result and implications are potentially devastating, and they will not be missed by either Egypt, nor by the Kremlin in Russia.

There will be deep suspicion concerning the way in which this terrorist attack was carried out, and just who was responsible.

Syria was a brewing storm from which it was unlikely that the world would escape. With the downing of this Russian passanger plane, the odds of escaping have become markedly smaller still.

Again what you see in Syria is equivalent to the Cuban Missile crisis only there may not be a way of it.

There is today too little openness. The majority of people have been told that the United States and its allies were in Syria to support the overthrow of an “evil” dictator and to help the Syrian people, and that Assad along with ISIS was the enemy standing in the way. Yet the truth is that there is much more to this over simplification, bordering on fabrication.

For example we hear now that Russian planes are now bombing ISIS targets every day, but we never hear about US and allied bombing of Syrian targets that has been going on for quite awhile. Nor do we hear anything about the US planes stationed in Turkey and what their real purpose is. Nor do we hear much about our allies air strikes and what their real targets and purpose might be.

We have so far been told that we waging war against ISIS yet anyone who looks carefully will see that is not very likely. The reason ISIS was formed and armed with hundreds of millions of dollars of weapons in the first place was so that they could unseat Syria’s Assad and pose an active threat and opposition to the Shia muslims and Iran.

Therefore it is not ISIS that we are bombing. Nor is the purpose of the US and Allied fighter planes to destroy radical islamists – as we have been told so far in the media. The purpose was from the start to destroy Syria.

Moreover one of the more specific reasons-I suspect-for the deployment of the Russian air force in Syria was that the US and its mid east allies intended to create a no fly zone over their own mercenaries, and Syrian opposition fighters which would have effectively destroyed any Syrian government resistance. In order to prevent the imminent establishment of a no fly zone over the Syrian opposition, the Russians moved their air force into Syria, thus not allowing the formation of a US no fly zone unless the US intended to confront the Russian air force directly.

The Russian Airliner terrorist act will bring enormous distrust and potential violence into the equation. There will be those in the Kremlin who will wonder if this was intended by the allies themselves(the chatter on the internet is everywhere.) This will not bode well for future developments.

Nor were we in Syria to unseat an “evil dictator” as we have been told for years by the Media. Not to defend Assad but our allies in the region have in many cases worse records of human rights violations than what Assad probably had. He is actually a “moderate” dictator compared to those in Saudi Arabia, or Qatar for example. For a long while before this invasion of Syria, Assad had seemingly tried to negotiate with the United States but to no avail. Whatever was being sought, it was not social stability.

We have Lost Control

The motive was never to reform Syria’s government, but only to change the power structure of the world through both strategy and economy by destroying Syria just as Iraq was destroyed. This is why the Russians have moved into Syria…to protect not Syrian interests, but Russian interests which stem from the present political structure in Syria. In fact, the Russians are indeed protecting their nation from what would be an undermining of their native authority and self determination, or so it seems they believe. In any case, the consequences are global, and now quite out of control.

As we have said in previous posts, the Ukrainian affair was indeed likely prompted by what was intended in Syria. The sanctions pressed on the Russian Federation are indeed a de facto “act of war”. To get a historical perspective, we often are told the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor because they didnt like Bing Crosby, or were just evil people. But the truth is ultimately that we tried to embargo them, for whatever reason good or bad. And they struck out. And there ensued a bloody terrible war that ended only after two atomic bombs were dropped on Japan.

Here we have embargoed the Russian Federation, and the strategy in Syria is even more potentially destructive to Russian self-determination, yet little of this do we hear in our media. We are entering World War 3, yet there is little mention of any of this in the Mass Media! Nor are the real motives, or “objectives” ever revealed in earnest to the American public though the United States purports to be an open Democracy.

Though we were fully aware that Sunni muslim extremists were behind the attack on September 11, 2001, there seemed to be no hesitation to serrupticiously arm ISIS for the purpose of overthrowing Assad. In so doing, we may have permanently undermined our own credibility, as well as integrity. The instability generated is now probably uncontrollable, and the hired hands, and “allies” no longer subservient.

With the downing of the Russian passanger jet we have crossed a very dark line and a cardinal rule may have been violated in Super Power relations. There are so many exponents to this war, that we may never definitively know exactly who did what, or who did not. Suspicion and resentment is likely to reach an apex. The results might well be a catastrophe. We have likely lost control of this confrontation. Along with the instabilities of the global economy we may be looking at very difficult times ahead.