American Foreign Policy Going Nowhere

Many enemies, but no gain!  Many enemies, but no gain!

Russia and the Mid East : What are we doing?

Over the past twenty to thirty years the US has been involved in many conflicts around the world. Often our press touts these conflicts as “us against them” the good guys versus the bad guys, but in the realm of nations, and the realm of national and world history such terms can best be described as temporary descriptions which ultimately really mean very little. The truth is that a powerful nation does not really need enemies and if enemies must be made, there had better be an overwhelmingly good reason for making such enemies. To date we have made, and destroyed a number of famous enemies, but were these really necessary? Was there any point to making all these enemies or could we really have gotten along without them? Could we have done much better without all the enemies and all the wars? Come to think of it, what did all these wars really get us?

Now we’re on the verge of making an enemy of an extremely powerful nation, Russia. Really do we need such an enemy considering how many we already have? Where’s the gain in this?

A new “enemy” in the making?

There is no doubt that Vladimir Putin is not an angel, and perhaps some things under his control might have been done differently, and more democratically. But to accuse Putin of expansionism, as has recently been the popular theme in western media, is little more than sheer propaganda. Nothing in Putin’s history, or actions show any signs of expansionism. There is not one war that Putin is presently fighting openly, but  there are four wars-at least- that the West is actively engaged in right now, while at the same time wasting trillions of dollars in the process, for very little real gain-political or pecuniary.

see what is the New World Order?

We are now and have been involved in hellish wars in the mid east, but what is it that the United States thinks it’s going to get from the Middle East? The oil? The oil money is going to those few who control it! Meanwhile the average American is being debited for each and every one of those flights and artillery and bullets and guns going into these wars.  We are, at present,  stimulating the growth of a world enemy that will eventually realize its mistakes and probably become a permanent problem for our civilization for decades or centuries on end. Yet there seems hardly any respite. Rather the calls from the mass media are to accelerate this downward trend.

Are we a militarist empire in the making?

Let’s be honest here. If the United States were to openly declare its expansionist intentions and chose to accomplish this expansion militarily by way of a militarist expansionist doctrine of empire, there are far better treasures out there for us to hunt than there are in the mid east. Our friend, Canada is a gigantic gold and diamond mine, enriched with gold, diamonds, oil, and countless other minerals and resources. Its population is tiny, and it would as a military force last less than three months against a far superior American military force. Mexico, even less of a military, with huge oil reserves and some of the richest farm land on the North American continent could be overcome in five months. Venezuela has oil fields equal to those of Iraq! Their military, in its present state, could be overcome in weeks. Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and Chile are some of the most resource rich nations on Earth in combination, yet their military are all weak by comparison to the US military force(on which we have expended unimaginable sums of money still owed.) If we intend to be a military expansionist empire there are far better choices just over our own border than the distant, complicated , and well defended Middle East. These North and South American nations are in our backyard and easily within reach, they are the perfect targets for an emerging militaristic empire. So if we are a military expansionist empire navigating a doctrine of imperial conquest and gain, what are we doing in the Middle East spending trillions of dollars in the process, while receiving almost no remuneration for our expenditures ? We conquered Iraq, and now have left it there again, for the second time in two decades. If we listen to our present “policy makers” we could well manage to leave Iraq three times in three decades!

There are those who think we are a militarist empire in the making

We are not of course seriously promoting an attack on Canada, our good neighbor, or on any of the other good nations mentioned. But too often we encounter those who somewhere in their minds entertain the notion that we are to be an empire and this is why we expend so large a sum on our military or why we are in the Middle East at all.  Secretly, it seems these people go around thinking to themselves that all of what we do either politically, or militarily,  must be for the enrichment, and for the ultimate economic gain of the nation.  That somehow, someway, those wars in the Mid East and Afghanistan must be making our nation richer, and fundamentally stronger.

But we have not benefited much from our wars

Aside from a few special interests, many of them actually lying outside our own nation altogether, there has been little in the way of real benefit for the people of the United States.  The assumption of some Americans is that all this is being done for the purpose of building an American “empire” and so the military expense is in some way justified.  Yet when we look carefully,  the truth is that even if that assumption were true, that is even if we were secretly building an empire-which is not true to our knowledge- the actual failure in real practice would be even more colossal since we have brought home no trophies, no spoils, and no gains of war after so many years of bloody, truly brutal, unimaginably expensive conflict. All we have now to show for our efforts after years of wars are the staggering bills associated with these failed campaigns and hardly any “booty” to show for it. We’ve spent trillions of dollars, our reputation as a peaceful nation is all but trashed completely, many of our soldiers hurt and altered for the rest of their lives, killed many hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people, have destabilized much of the world, and all for absolutely no gain! No gain at all!

These are not the acts of a successful empire in the making. These are the acts of a failed empire even if we intended to be an empire in the first place-which again, to our knowledge no such doctrine was ever publicly proposed or undertaken.

Truth is: we do not follow a militaristic doctrine of empire

Yet, the point is,  we are not a military expansionist empire and our people, the American people have never shown any general inclination to want to be so. The vast majority want no such part to play in world history, and the vast majority still hold out hope for a peaceful  world rising from the ashes of centuries old brutality that has mauled millions of innocent human beings throughout the ages of brutal wars. Most Americans just want to be at peace and want the world to be at peace. They have never shown any inclination towards the kind of violence needed for the purpose of empire. So why are we still fighting all these wars? Where is the gain? Indeed where is the doctrine?

The American people were duped into starting the Iraqi war with the idea that Iraq had so called “weapons of mass destruction”  which was never the case.  They were probably manipulated into Afghanistan as well by the failure of due diligence(it is hard to understand how 19 hijackers could walk onto four airplanes and not one of them be detected by so sophisticated an intelligence service.)  They have been time and again manipulated to think they had an enemy out there, when in reality there was none before our government created it.

Simply put our people do not want to be an “empire” with all its bloody conflict and brutality, and we are not gaining anything substantial from our military expeditions.  So what are we doing in the Middle East and Afghanistan and why are we attempting to destabilize and turn those nations on Russia’s border into hostile entities against an already shell shocked people i.e. the Russians-who by the way have military capabilities nearly equal to our own? What are we doing?  What is the purpose of it? What is the point of all these expenditures? What is the point of all this agitation?  What was the point of all these really brutal violent acts if we are not intent on being an empire? If we were a military expansionist empire, and terrible decisions had to be made-if things degenerated to that level, God forbid- there are far better strategic targets that would have far more yield to them for the ultimate price to be paid in blood and money, just to our North.  There would be no need to go seven thousand miles away, or start a new war with a nation like Russia, a nation that has the ability, as do we, to end all life on Earth. There are far better targets right on our continent should we ever choose to be a military expansionist empire. So even if we were a military empire in the making, the question is what are we doing in the mid east or Russia?

There doesn’t seem to be a doctrine, or public referendum to our foreign policy

In the end our ideas as a nation are not reasonable or rigorous no matter what side of the aisle you may lean towards. Whether you are conservative, liberal, progressive, republican, democrat, or even militaristic opportunists, or even desperadoes at heart, the present policy is failing. It is not attune to any idea that is at present lucrative, rigorous, sustainable, enlightening or reasonable. Perhaps this is the real reason for all the turmoil. Obama came in as a man of change, a man who would put an end to wars and strife and violence and turmoil,  what happened between his first election and the present time to change all that? Is there confusion perhaps?

A people must  have a general idea of what they want : a National Philosophy, Dialectic of sorts

A people must in general have a philosophy. If even in a multi-ethnic democracy, some general conclusions must pervade the higher levels of a nation’s thought. If there are to be differences in strategies, these should be relatively minor, if they are not, and if as we are today divided ridiculously over sometimes insignificant, all too often downright petty, and prejudiced differences, then we can conclude that there is something critically wrong with the way our democracy is developing,  and the time has come to acknowledge this openly and see, if as a nation, as a people, we can come to something of a consensus on what needs to be done. But whatever that consensus, whatever our course as a nation into the broad world, it should be a conscious decision, taken by the majority of people, and not a lethargic nearly unconscious impulse that we are all being led to -whether the majority want to go or not. Our decisions as a people must be taken in a waking state, not in a somnambulist’s stride across a busy thoroughfare which is what our policies look like today.

The time for a self check is here and we can begin to use some openness ourselves. It’s time to open our eyes and ears, and our collective mind to the question of where do we want our nation to go, and what are the objectives of our nation both in the short term, and the long term? The time has come for the nation to start asking, and answering serious fundamental questions as a nation, and not leave a few privately interested powerful parties to decide policy for all of us.  Every person that can vote needs to ask these serious questions, and take serious council on these questions, and not just ask “what’s in it for me” if we are to live as a healthy democracy in  the coming decades. So far things have not worked out. No matter what we say, the present system is not working.

Nor can we depend on the Mass Media to ask these questions since they have been, and are now too much a part of the present course and structure that has led us to these quandaries and crises in the first place. The time has come for the American people to develop a direct discourse with one another. The time has come for people to engage one another in a direct dialogue about where we are going as a nation if this nation is ever to change course. So far we have relied on the existent structures to do our thinking for us, but what has this resulted in? Have the outcomes benefited us? Are things really looking up? Its one thing to hear our representatives and power brokers tell us that we have suffered a great recession and now things are getting better, its another to realize that these very same people saying this are the original cause of that great recession,  and calamity and that they are the main beneficiaries of any remedies given. Its much like hearing someone say, “oh yeah I know you suffered greatly all this time,  but don’t worry, things are looking up for me, and I’m  feeling very much better now, thank you.” Problem is the rest of us are not, and as they say, today ain’t good, and tomorrow don’t look better.

Some contend we as a people don’t need to hear about depressing realities

True there is much silence on these critical question . You don’t hear much about the real problems of the day most of the time in the media. Part of the reasoning behind this absence of  real discussions is that a depressed people are not likely to be as productive, so why depress them with negative news? But this is just an excuse and nothing else.  The time to get people on the same page is come, in fact its late. Any time you have the two most potentially destructive nations on Earth threatening each other in any way, as is Russia and the United States right now,  the time has come for the people of a democracy to convene their own congress and begin asking questions of life and death. The time has come for an open discussion on the nature and essence of our policies both external and internal, and the discussion must include the majority of people and not just a privileged few at the top who have been making policy all the while.

Congress is supposed to make decisions for us ; really?

There are those who will say the congress is supposed to do that for us. Problem with that thinking is it hasn’t. Too many people in democracies all over the world assume that someone else is doing their “national” thinking for them, but that’s a pretty bad assumption and its gotten our world going in the wrong direction. The United States, a natural leader of these democracies, since it is a representation of all peoples around the world and is therefore most representative of the world, has stumbled in some terrible ways of late. The nation is now involved in absurd wars with no real substantial purpose and in the process is making terrible enemies in great numbers who may well be there for decades or even centuries since in some ways we have actually challenged an entire religion. Something that is absolutely not what the American people would have wanted, something that is in some sense forbidden by our own most strongly held national values. We are a nation founded on individual rights and not religious, racial, or ethnic privilege. These wars are doing nothing good for the American people or anyone else. Worse still, they are actually expanding by the day.

Add  the global economic expansion and there’s a contradiction.

But there is also the failure of the global economic expansion to consider.  For twenty years our representatives in the white house and congress-at the behest of private interest- have openly engaged our nation in a global expansion of the U.S. economy-and by itself it was a dubious exercise more for the benefit of the very few than the many as it turned out. We have in the process borrowed and expended gigantic amounts of money, mostly on credit so that our economy could expand all the way around the world, and in this way create a kind of global capital empire.  But as we all know very few benefited and most of us just hold the bills.

And yet, based on this path taken, the path of global economic expansion,  the absolute last thing we would want is instability. Yet here we are now attempting to destabilize one of the most powerful nations on Earth i.e. Russia! Why? What good does it do our global economic aspirations to destabilize one of the world’s premier resource providers, how does that help our chances for success in building a global economy? The two actions are not complimentary. You can’t first start out to expand the world’s economy and then begin to destabilize the world politically, and militarily! That doesn’t fit. It’s like inviting people to a new mall, and then trying to rob them at gun point, or sending them stampeding to the exits at the sound of a few rounds of machine gun fire.  Somewhere there’s been a big miscalculation of priorities, a grand disconnect,  and it’s very possible that both the idea of a global economic expansion and the foreign policy initiatives we have seen evolve, are two aspects of a flawed, inherently compromised general strategy that has left the world in a very uncertain,  very unstable condition.

The global expansion may have had ulterior motives

There were reasons that we could see for why the global expansion was attempted in the first place, so much we can understand. But whether these were good reasons or not, is still quite unclear. Ostensibly it was done for the purpose of bringing  greater wealth to our own nation and to strengthen our own political and economic position in the world. But there are other possibilities as well which are not so reasonable, or justifiable.

Was the global expansion an attempt at empire building by a few script writers?

More and more it is beginning to look as if those other “wrong” reasons were the real motivation behind starting the global economic expansion. For we can see that when some of the players refused to take part in the play that was scripted by a few policy making “playwrights”,  we began to think of using force to make them get in line. Unfortunately all you have to do is read a little history to see that this kind of strategy rarely works. You cannot force people to cooperate with you if they feel that cooperation is going to be destructive to them. Yet today this seems part of the underlying problem, not to go into too many specifics, but it seems that force was part of the strategy from the start. It seems as if these people charged with making our grand strategies for the future decided that they had infinite power and no one could possibly stand in their way. If our new partners didn’t play the game, both economically and politically as prescribed  there would be no hesitation to twist a few arms, or break a few legs. After those undesirable actions were taken, then everything would be fine and the global economic expansion could proceed without interruption.

Not working the way the script was written

Well, that’s not working out the way the new world order script writers thought it would. At this point the Global economy is failing! This is a red flag that no one should miss. The American people are in tremendous debt, and in actual jeopardy because of this failure.  We are now seeing confrontations on a global scale. Should we put two and two together?  Are we seeing one failure spawning another? Is the global economic failure creating the political instability we are seeing? Or is it the case that both foreign policy and the attempted(or aborted) economic expansion are in reality failing together? Were they one and the same from the start? Was the expansion meant to create an empire of special interests all the while? Are we now simply looking at the consequences of a failed attempt to bring the world under small set of objectives?

Representatives failed to Protect the People

In any case someone did something wrong. Someone failed to see what would happen down the line and that obligation lies with our representatives in Washington whose sole responsibility it is to make certain that such failures do not overtake our nation. It is our leaders’ responsibility to act in the interest of the American people’s wishes while protecting them from any pitfalls or liabilities. If there are liabilities then these leaders are charged with making them clear to the voters. They are also charged with making certain that such pitfalls and liabilities do not ultimately lead to the destruction of the nation-or for that matter the degeneration of world stability.

Yet this does not seem to be a responsibility the American people’s representatives took seriously. The global economic expansion was doubtful from the start. The housing failure made it clear that there are some very serious economic consequences to failure on this scale.  Yet our leaders seemed not impressed by this failure and instead allowed the global expansion to not only continue but redouble the effort and double down on the ultimate wager made on behalf of the American people. Credit was reduced to zero for example and the Quantitative Easing of the Federal Reserve had been made open ended, without limits. What that meant was the bet was to be infinite if need be. But was this a responsible act on the part of our representatives? Was that something they should have let happen? They are charged with protecting the interests of the American people, is that something that they should have let happen?

Today, the American people are in gigantic debt. Perhaps not to be recovered ever. Is this what their representatives were supposed to let happen?

Is this the real reason we are seeing confrontations with Russia? Is Putin standing in the way of the global economy, and the assumption of leadership by those who would be its masters?  Or is it the case that Putin doesn’t want to agree to the way the pie is going to be cut?

Was Economic expansion  to keep everyone in line?

There is almost no doubt but that this is the real reason for these confrontations one way or other. The question is this however, is Russia opposed to the global economy, or is it opposed to certain interests in the global economy?  Is it possible that Russia is being squeezed because she is not cooperating on certain aspects of the master plan? Or is it possible that this global economy is being used as both a carrot and a stick? Either you play the game the way some of us want it played or you don’t play at all? Or worse, we destabilize you.  For if this is the real purpose behind this global economy, it has already failed, and we, the American people will be left holding the entrails.  To think that powerful nations like China, or Russia or India are going to be forced to play the game a few interested parties have described is not prudent.  America’s representatives should have known that from the start.  Their business is not simply to do whatever some lobby wants but to protect the nation, and in general, make the nation stronger. If the idea was that Putin, or the Chinese or Indians or even the Europeans themselves were to be forced into submission or else their nations are to be destabilized, and their Unions dissolved,  we have already lost this bet. These nations would not likely succumb to any such pressure remembering that though their economies are tied in some way to the West’s, they will always have the option of dealing with one another instead of dealing with us. Militarily its downright stupid to even attempt to stir this kind of  filth leaving out the immorality of it. These are powerful nations not in any way given to submitting to anyone. If this was the plan, it was wrong from the start.

What about Europe? What does Europe need?

We should also ask about Europe-Europe’s union needs no wars..  A short while ago the Europeans tried to blow themselves out of existence- they are some of the most ferocious, war like people ever produced on Earth. This is the cruel reality. They are also some of the most capable and brilliant,  and so much should always be said; but we cannot lose sight of their shortcomings since time and again these have spread like a cancer to other parts of the world and have brought incalculable misery and death where they reached. The violence the European nations subjected both themselves and others to during the two world wars is unconscionable. There is no way to simply overlook it.  Though the European continent is chiefly responsible for the modern civilization we see today, and the chief catalyst for the emergence of the United States itself as a powerful, prosperous democracy, we must always be aware of the possibility of Europe self destructing. They have demonstrated that tendency too many times in the past to simply overlook it. They have tended, unfortunately, to be the proverbial Jekyll and Hyde. Kind,  beautiful and exalted when civilized, dreadful and exceedingly violent when they’re not.

But if that’s so, if Europe is so dangerously volatile,  of what value is it to destabilize their giant and powerful neighbor, the Russian, who has suffered dearly for the habitual violence of Europe? If we were trying to build a world economy and rest it on a world community, of what possible value is destabilizing the most potentially explosive region in the world? Of what value is any of this instability to building a stable world economy that cooperates and prospers? How does one act complement the other? The answer is it just doesn’t. This is yet another wasted impulse.  By irritating Russia, we are only beginning to light a fuse under Europe locally, but possibly lighting the fuse to World War 3 globally! Again what are we doing here? Do we know?

Europe herself was almost dissolved a year ago

We should add here, that Europe itself was threatened with dissolution just a short while ago. Indeed we can say that the European union itself was a few years ago close to breaking up due to the enormous debt the global economic expansion caused. The only option for Europe has since been to play the game or face annihilation herself. But is this what we are supposed to be doing? Is this supposed to be the game plan that we are embarked on? Let’s not mince words, the actions taken on several European nations has not been kind. Angela Merkel herself was spied upon. Why? Were we watching her just in case she didn’t want to play the game as it was prescribed? Let’s not fall for the trap of under thinking the phenomenon because we cannot afford to. A short while ago Europe itself was threatened with destabilization, and now the same forces seem back at it with Ukraine. What kind of game is this that is being played and for what purpose? The American people have certainly not benefited from much of this at all. They have a public debt of some twenty trillion dollars and still growing.

 Should we just say the thinking is flawed?

The general thinking behind this global strategy  here is so flawed, so twisted, so one sided and foolish that the only conclusion here is that our policy makers must have gone mad! These acts are not congruous acts. They are not complimentary. They are not harmonic. They don’t fit into the general plan. If you want a productive world economy, why would you destabilize the world in the process? Why undermine its integrity? The only conclusion is that the policy makers themselves are not pursuing the general interest, but only pursuing interests which lie beyond the common good and are by their nature very specific and specious.

We can’t know if the global expansion started by the Bush administration was started with the intent of some underlying belligerence or element of strategic power attached to its underbelly, but we can see that it has evolved that way and is in some way being used that way now under Obama. The pay to play mentality is there and for this reason its doomed if true. You cannot make nation’s as powerful as Russia or China or India pay to play. That won’t work.  Indeed, though European leaders have seemed to give in, there are terrible rumblings in the European populace that the going game is not going to be accepted.

There are all kinds of indications that the global economic expansion is being used,  in essence as a weapon, or there is some real intent on using it that way. The number of instances are many where nations have been told to shape up or ship out of the global economy. Shipping out when you have already invested heavily is going to be painful. Apparently Russia is just the latest case. Who’s next China? India, Vietnam? The time has come for people to start asking serious questions about where our nation is heading both here at home and in the distant lands around the world.  Both the wars that we are undertaking, as well as the economic path that we have walked along those wars is leading to nothing but instability and danger for everyone, including ourselves. Two years ago we worried about terrorist attacks. A year ago about terrorist attacks and a possible Nuclear bomb from North Korea. Today, we should be worried about the rising possibility of an all out Nuclear assault on us. One that we can never prevent entirely. We who make our homes in the United States have so far been shielded from the grim realities of the wars we have engaged in,  but this is only temporary. By essentially evicting Russia from the global economy, as these acts seem intent on doing, we are making yet one more very powerful enemy, an enemy that we really cannot protect against should the dice continue to roll downhill.

Even small political instabilities can spiral out of control in a very complex world

The global expansion was flawed from the beginning if indeed it has evolved as it seems. If it was meant to strengthen either our political position or economic position in the world, it has pretty much failed as of this moment. Not only has it failed, but it has left the world in a highly unstable condition. It cannot be emphasized enough that due to the much larger size of the world as it is today, any instability, even small is magnified in potential destruction. The world community today is armed to the teeth with exceedingly complex destructive weapons, and   represents a gigantic economy interwoven to a degree that was unimaginable  a few decades ago. The potential implications are tremendous even for small instabilities. Therefore any direct disagreement with Russia is not going to remain a small disturbance but have the potential for terrible reverberations throughout the world. This was not supposed to happen if the objective was a more stable, more productive society for both the world , and the United States.

The only conclusion is that those who are making policy for us are not in tune with the needs of our nation and its time that the American people convened their own congress for the purpose of determining what is in the direct interest of the American people at this time. Should the American people fail to do this, then they are most likely waiting for terrible consequences to envelop the nation which may ultimately result in the permanent loss of the individual freedom required to take control of the nation as a people. The democracy is in jeopardy. If these things which we see on the horizon come to pass, the consequences will be so terrible that our own freedom may wind up in jeopardy. Under too harsh circumstances  there exists the possibility of so great a social instability that no decisions can be taken and only something like Martial law will be implemented. The time for the American people to convene is now, there may not be a later.

 Nothing is going well, no matter how the media may portray it

In the process of following our special interest’s interests we have made billions of enemies. Never mind that a few puppet leaders with little choice are forced to sit and stand as we direct, the mass of people they represent are not taken in by these charades. The mass of people are either discouraged greatly or in other cases terribly angered by our actions. These are many millions and probably billions of people by now who have no faith in the actions of either the United States or the European union. Sooner or later these people will organize and sooner or later our problems are going to mount to a terrible crescendo. None of what we are doing is successful. The record speaks for itself. And if our enemies should ever see the gaping holes in our armor nothing but disaster is going to follow.

Most of the enemies we have are of our own creation-why do we need the “boogie man”?

We created Bin Laden during the Soviet war against Afghanistan, he was a “freedom fighter” according to president Reagan back then, years later he organized a terrifying attack on US soil killing thousands and costing trillions to protect against, as well as precipitate countless military actions since that time, including the present one against our newest enemy ISIS.  Through great financial and military expenditures we managed to kill Bin Laden a few years ago.

We created Saddam Hussein during our dispute with Iran. He waged years of war against them, only to turn against our allies eventually. After trillions of dollars of expenditures we managed to defeat him, but are still not anywhere near ridding ourselves of his curse and even today we are in Iraq fighting that same war in its new form under ISIS.

Recently we tried to depose the Syrian dictator Assad. We created an army out of the former Iraqi mercenaries under our control in Iraq, now we are back to asking Iran, Syria, and Lebanon to help us rid ISIS , a force that we created. A few days ago there was talk of teaming up with Syria’s dictator Assad to help attack ISIS in Syria!

Now there are calls for Obama to take action against ISIS on Syrian territory! This is perhaps the most dangerous escalation possible since there is every reason to expect that any attack on ISIS may well be followed by an attack on the Regime of Syria’s Assad. The truth is that the Syrian opposition to Assad is also being armed.  Thus we are purportedly going into Syria to destroy ISIS, yet we are at the same time arming Assad’s enemies. What reason should Assad have to think that we are not going to go into Syria after destroying ISIS? Is the idea here to destroy Syria as we have destroyed Iraq and Libya? Is this the real purpose of all these machinations? If so we should keep in mind that Russia and Putin still seem to be supporting Assad and that neither Iran, nor our allies in Iraq, the government we left functioning in Iraq is in any way attuned to all this. They will probably oppose any such attempt to destroy Assad!

There is the very real possibility that the agitation that Putin is feeling in Ukraine is really a prod against him for not allowing the United States and its allies to destroy Syria’s Assad. The United States wanted the complete destruction of Syria and apparently Putin did not agree. Is the instability in the Ukraine, and the developments from that being in some way promulgated by the US and its allies to get Putin to see his way to allowing the fall of Syria? It may well be. But what is that going to get the American people? The question over and over again is how does any of this profit the American people? For all the danger that ordinary Americans are being exposed to, especially in agitating one of the most powerful nations of Earth, Russia, what is the benefit to the American people?

Are our representatives aware of the danger they are putting all of us in? Do they care?

Do our representatives know what they are getting us into here? Or is this going to be just one more move towards escalation and greater instability, and the creation of yet one more enemy, this time a nuclear armed enemy?

In all this however, we do know what is needed:

The American people need less instability and more cohesion in the world. There is zero benefit for our nation, a nation of perhaps 330 million people in escalation of world tensions. The only benefit we can reap is from a world that is at peace and not at war. There is no benefit to going back to the cold war. Yet once again, just as the laws our own nation seem almost arbitrary at times,  where legislative petulance seems to be unbounded, the international protocols for behavior are everywhere being ignored by our own leadership.  Again, aside from the theatrics of ISIS what is the direct benefit to our nation and its people from this war?

When do we stop doing this? When does it all come to an end?

When does this lunacy stop? When do we admit that our present policy is destabilizing and not likely going to lead to anything but more instability? For twenty years the promise has been that somehow somewhere all this was going to come together and we, the people of the US and our allies, Europe were going to see prosperity peace and productivity.  Yet for all the promises and make believe we see suggested in reality there doesn’t seem to be anything like that on the horizon.

What is worse, is that even if the US did manage one of its main objectives here and managed  to destroy Syria, what guarantee is there that this situation would remain stable?  To be sure destroying Syria would create a huge number of other enemies including many shiites in Iran and Iraq, or do we go after Iran when we are finished with Syria? How much is all of this costing the American people when does it end, and what is the final benefit? In the end all the answers to these questions are negative, there is no end in sight, the cost is astronomical, and there is no possibility of peace at all.

And it is not as if we are on the just side of things – many of our allies are themselves involved in grotesque oppression of other people’s rights something we have absolutely no right or reason to support as a nation.  To get an idea, one day we are turning the Shiites against the Sunnis, the next we are turning the Sunnis against the Shiites and are actively supporting both with our dwindling resources, all the while both sides hate us with a passion. For what? Where’s the payoff?

When does the American and European leadership say enough is enough and begin to represent the interests of those same people whom they ask to vote for them each year instead of the special interest lobbies and organizations whose interests do not in any way lie parallel to the majority of citizens? The reality is that while the Russian president Putin has taken some control of his nation’s oligarchs, and special interests, the Western powers have allowed special interests absolute freedom and to the destruction of the vast majority of ordinary citizen’s interest in a democratic nation that’s supposed to be tending to individual rights and not the fancies and wishes of a few groups with big money. The United States is suffering from extreme debt. This money is not going to be paid in any way that’s going to be beneficial to the American people. Yet for the most part little of this is getting out to the masses since the mass media is firmly under the control of those few entities which control everything else, the special interests. The situation is critical yet there is almost no true public discussion about it, no sign of it, no acknowledging of it, there is no openness here in the nation that purports to be open and free beyond all others.


The reality is that we have with the destabilization of Ukraine perhaps entered a new level of danger. The ongoing crisis with ISIS which calls for us to attack ISIS on Syrian ground and quite possibly attack Syria’s Assad while we’re at it is a very dangerous situation. We are directly challenging the Russians. For what? The objectives here are not obvious at all. Why are we going through all this trouble to oust Syria’s Assad if this is the reason? We first created ISIS,  now wish to destroy them while all the while getting ever closer to attacking Assad directly. For what? Where is the rabbit in all this? We are here risking direct confrontation with Russia and Putin for what seems a specious purpose. Our representatives and Media seem not be concerned with the overall interest of the American people but in the end we have to ask, what are they concerned with?

Time is come for the American people to take control

The time has come for the American people to begin to either take control of the nation, or sit back and watch as yet another disaster overtakes the nation. If there is not an American consciousness here,  alert and disciplined enough to intervene quickly, we may soon find ourselves in Syria again, and again on the path to trying to destroy Iran,  something that would result in tremendous instability at a time when we, as a nation are virtually broke! The economic crisis, which is serious and deadly all by itself, has suddenly taken on an even more dangerous morphology as the potential for great global instability and total conflagration have for the first time in seventy years made their presence known on the world’s horizon.

A new dialectic must emerge where the American people are fully engaged and apprised of the realities now overtaking their national interest. So far this has not happened. The American people have blithely left the thinking and planning to their lobbies, their media, and their representatives in Washington. But none of this is working. In reality its a dismal failure and waiting for the corporate media to tell us the truth is not a reasonable expectation since they are very much part of the apparatus that has run this nation’s policy for the past fifty years. America’s true soul is either going to show up now, fully formed,  fully aware of its surroundings, or something truly cataclysmic may occur as we sleepwalk onto a mine field possibly made of nuclear bombs.

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