Who Should You Vote For? Election 2016

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Vote for the individual American

Who should you vote for? Republican, Democrat, Independent or Conservative, or perhaps some other party or ideology? The truth is that there is really one reason for voting in this election or any other election if you are an average American. You should vote for Freedom. Individual Freedom which is really what this nation is founded on ideally.

The problem with many if not most of the candidates up for election is that they are affiliated to the power consortium that runs, and has run this nation for decades. This consortium of interests has managed to bring this nation to a foul condition, so bad that not even the Mass Media, which by design was supposed to report the truth to the American people can do so. Not only has this Consortium of Special Interests fouled this nation’s ideals and objectives, as well as its economy, but it has also seized nearly full control of the Mass Media; this under George W. Bush who proudly sponsored the laws allowing this almost complete seizure of power by the few for the first time in the history of the nation. We cannot even know the full extent of this fiasco and how much of our nation is now in jeopardy, because our mass media is not allowed to report the full truth, but by the implications given phenomenologically, we can see that the problems we face are quite dire as a nation.

An Overseas Disaster is Brewing Thanks to Big Money Campaigns

Overseas: We have enraged a Billion Muslims, and for what? What was the objective? What was the gain? We are fighting endless wars for what? Where is the gain? What was the need to so? Only those who created this situation can answer for it in full.

Now, as if that were not enough we have enraged the Russians, a nation quite able and not likely to surrender to the will of a few special interests who control our own nation. Russia is a nation pathologically sick of special interests as they have devoured it throughout all of history. If there is any nation and people averse to the form of policy we now have it is these Russian people who have for ages been victimized by the greed and malice of the few.

But Russia is not Iraq. Russia is a powerhouse. She is rightly to be considered one of the most powerful nations on Earth. She has the wolf’s share of the world’s resources, that alone makes her a powerhouse. She is fully nuclear, fully space borne, fully able in all ways. And fully trained in awful war.  She is not the one who will likely back down, and especially when she knows she’s right and her adversaries wrong. There are now strong indications that special interests destabilized Ukraine and tried to put Ultra Right wing government there, something least likely to appeal to the Russians.

Their leader, Putin,  has now embarked on a mission to isolate our own nation in turn. He points out that we have been the  war mongers over the past decade, it is we who have destabilized and usurped nations at the behest of our special interests who control our government, media and finance. He, Putin, is now drawing converts who fully see us as the main enemy of world order and world peace! And he is succeeding for our interests really have been petty, really have been for the few and not the many. Out interests have not been democratic, our interests not for world order or for world peace. Our interest have been specious and for mal intent for the favor of the few at the expense of the many.

Putin, with China, and possibly India form an extremely powerful triumvirate that will stand in opposition to us in all probability. We have come close to opening Pandora’s box.

Nor are others anymore favorable. Yes the British government favors us, but do the British people? They have long opposed our practices in the mid east only to be silenced like us through their own corrupted media, owned and controlled by those devoted to the rights of the few over the rights of the many.

In Germany, Italy, France, Spain, and many others, though their governments may seem sympathetic, and in financial need, their people are anything but committed to our present course in foreign strategy. We are alienating billions of people because a few special interests want their objectives to be ours.

But their objectives are not ours.

Our Own Nation is a Real Mess thanks again to Big Money Politics

Worst of all, and the chief reason to pick your candidate carefully is because of what’s happened here in our own nation. Where we see money handed from the very highest printing press of the Federal Reserve gratis to the very few at the top. Trillions of dollars spew out of the Federal Reserve system, printed and fresh with little real backing, since our real economy has been degenerating over these same years of endless free credit to the few. We have a grotesquely overgrown economy whose only real natural inclination is to collapse and this was done only for the benefit of the few special interests who managed to usurp our political system. What’s worse and never mentioned in the main stream media is that it is we, the ordinary people of this nation who will owe all that money for decades. If you have a job, you know how much of your check is going towards the debt. But this is only the beginning. When the credit spigots clog, and they will eventually, the demand for repayment will begin in earnest, and the taxation, one way or another will become a permanent burden for each and every American for decades to come. And for what? What have we accomplished?

Gets worse even still: We may have forty million people in this nation who do not have any real legal status under the constitution. Whose only real legal foundation is the particular whim of the local governor or president. I am speaking of the illegal immigrants who are now here, now part of this nation but who have no legal status here. There is no more dangerous a precedent than this, and whether you are either for, or against all this, you understand that this is not the way things should be. This dilutes everyone’s legal status by implication. Whether you are a naturalized American, or an illegal alien, your rights here are compromised, your ultimate unknown! We don’t know what the solution here will be, or what the consequences of that solution! Yet this is what these special interests who control this nation have desired to create. A fundamental instability that undermines the foundations of individual rights and individual freedom under the constitution. When forty million people are not recognized by the constitution something is critically wrong, whether you are for illegal amnesty, or against, something is critically wrong!

More than this even is the constant tendency to make the individual American as little as possible. The interest of the one is relegated to the chance decisions of the few who control this nation in its ways. The individual here is little more than an animal it seems, as if he counts almost for nothing if he is not somehow connected to some syndicate or other. Yet this nation is founded on true and real individual freedom and this has always been the true reason for its success. Free people can think, free people have the time and space to wonder if something could be better, but they cannot do that if they are forced into endless subservience to the bottom lines of the few at the top. Our nation has now almost completely abandoned the ideal of the individual. Either you belong to some organization, some particular section of the special interest matrix, or you stand alone, with not even the law on your side. But this is not the way things were supposed to be.

The NSA scandals, the IRS scandals, the leaks of Wikileaks, all these are tied to this constant loss of individual freedom, and it is a conscious effort by the few to eliminate as much of our individual freedom as they can. And so here is where your vote comes in.

A Simple Formula Saves the Nation: No Big Sponsor Candidates

Choose that candidate who is least affiliated with the power matrix of this nation as it is now. Choose the candidate that wants to bring back real individual freedom and rights. Choose that candidate who is least sponsored by the powerful, whose campaign is least endowed with billions of dollars of advertising money. This is the candidate most likely to care the most for individual rights, and is probably the reason he has little advertising money in his war chest. Its easy to choose, easy to spot the big, corrupted war chests, there are hundreds if not thousands of sites on the internet that will let you see who took what from whom and how much. What you never see however is the why.

You should not need an advertising war chest to be a successful  political candidate. The only thing you should have is a message and in this age of the internet we have the power to bring that real revolution to fruition at last. Where a candidate can stand on real principles and not on lobby sponsored war chests meant to make personal lawyers of those same people who purport to represent us. Vote for real freedom, vote for real individuality, vote for that candidate that will give you those rights upon which our national constitution is founded. Leave the major war chests, and the “phony baloney” campaigns to wage a meaningless war between themselves while America grows strong again.

Americas strength is not to be found in the criminal syndicates, or all powerful organizations, but in the spirit of a civil individuality. Vote for that candidate who is most likely to stand up for the individual and who will not continue to support the rights of the few special interests that have coordinated a disaster on our nation and our world over the past few decades. Find and vote for that candidate who will restore this nation back to its intended constitutional order, and who perhaps has a few bright ideas going forward that might make this nation even better than it ever was! Find that candidate, and your vote is worth its weight in gold, vote for mighty campaign war chests, and you might as well stay home, you would do better. These do not likely represent you….the individual American!

A Simple Formula : Pick your candidate like you would your house, or car…shop around! And vote for those who would make this nation stronger, for all of us and not just for their sponsors!

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