The Pride

Individual Freedom and Organization
Individual Freedom and Organization

The American Pride

The American people are the most capable, most agile, most intelligent people on Earth.

However, they are also free! They are not sheep, they’re predators. They are hunters!

They are free to be the best that they can ever be. Whatever they aspire to is what they seek to master. To make a kingdom of their own calling. To build a world of their own and to master it, and to invite others to behold it.

This is the Ideal American. This is the call of freedom, and at one point or other in an individual American’s life this call of the wild awakens each soul to action. To be a king, to be a predator and be not the prey.

An American does not need, does not want, will not accept a “leader”-unless he loves him truly…which can sometimes happen- but in the end this is a choice, a submission that does not come easily, and only very rarely. An American’s first priority is to build her own world, and to be loved, and respected for what she managed to build.   An American is a wild cat roaming distant hills, and on the hunt always looking for a kill on the far off horizon.  Always looking to make it happen, to get it done.

An ant however, as good as can get, and as strong as it is,  is still an ant. Take as an  example a   Spartan, a citizen par excellence, who will do whatever his “Beloved” leader tells him to do,  is as able as any ant can ever get. These will die to the last man for their “beloved” leader, and Spartans tend to be formidable human specimens, able in many ways, talented, strong, willful and committed, as smart as any we have today…..but in the end, each one of them is an ant. He will listen to what his “beloved” leader tells him to listen to, and will do whatever his “beloved” leader tells him to do, for that is what is expected of him or her in Sparta. If this citizen of Sparta turns out not to be an Ant, then he is driven out, or run out to some lesser place perhaps, or perhaps becomes a slave completely given to the state without even basic human dignity. But in Sparta, they are expected to be Ants, the best of Ants, but Ants still they are.

Today’s American, however, is no Ant. He is a supreme predator that hunts on his own. He is a master of his own domain, a lion in the jungle fighting with other lions for his turf, a tiger whose only priority is to maintain his own kingdom and his dominant supremacy over that kingdom. This is what his freedom really means, to be free, to do what he or she wills at all times and to maintain that chosen order about the chosen domain. No matter who commands, the American is his own master, his own king in his own lair.

A lioness is free, and a lioness feels only her power and only her freedom to do what she wants to do,  what she wants to accomplish, and acknowledges only the given right to rule herself, she is the chief huntress, and if coupled, she alone will tend to her cubs. This is the American’s essence in its purest form, raw and without the coverts of deception, an  American is freedom unbounded, unmitigated, undiluted with apologies, or excuses. Pure individual freedom. This is his religion, this is his calling, this is his existence, and this his objective!

Yet, freedom can be a curse too. As any lion, lioness, or cub can come to know.

For a Lion, or Lioness, or their cub must belong to a pride. And if they don’t, their days are numbered, their glory limited by quickly running time, and the threat of great and unrelenting violence.

But how to get their pride? They must fight. But they must first learn how to fight.


The problem is this ….Americans do not accept leaders. They are leaders. They are the top of the food chain and each one of them knows it. But just as you get a group of men, six and a half inches tall on average,  on a professional basketball team, each of them giants in their own right, or else a squad of fifty men, the best of all men, the most fearsome physical specimens the world produces, all found on a professional football team,  in the end, they must have respect. They must learn respect after all.  A terrible hard thing for a predator to have-respect is.

They must respect themselves first and foremost, they must respect their fellow players, they must even respect their opponents for if they fail they will fall, but above all they must respect the fans, those who support these players own individual kingdoms, for fickle as the fans are, to ever even have half a chance of being winners, the players must respect those who come to the arena to witness and testify to the blood spilt and the glory attained,  for these fans are the supreme cause for all the contests. The warriors must respect the fans, the spectators who pay their good money, and give up their precious time to see the best performers prove themselves the best!

But so too must these giants on the field of battle,  respect their coaches. If they have  no coaches, or their coaches are inept, or if they simply do not listen or understand their coaches who are the keepers of the ancient wisdom, these giants, these supreme predators of the arena are little more than a group of wild animals in the grassy fields suffering a lowly, catch as catch can existence.

Leaderless, without guide, without measure, without order, without purpose leading a savage, primitive life best it be forgotten forever.

In the very end, to make winners of these giants among giants, these great Americans, you must have coaches. You must have those who know the wisdom of the game and are capable of teaching. These supreme predators of the court, or the field, or the stadium, these who are the best of the best, biggest of the biggest, strongest of the strongest, fastest of the fastest,  each who stand alone beyond all others who stand alone,  still must have coaches, and they must respect those coaches absolutely if their greatness is ever to be noted, or come to anything good worthy of memory.

The players must come to understand what the plan is, what the game is, what their real purpose is, and how to take the basic steps needed to attain supreme success on the field. Without the coach, each of these consummate predators will go hungry on their own, eventually mauled, and eventually they will starve, or be eaten themselves by the other great predators. There is nothing in nature sadder than a beaten lion, a would be king of beasts,  waiting for his death. Nothing could be more cruel a sight.

Without a great coach, few are those teams that can ever hope to bring the trophy home. Show us one great team without a great coach. Dynasties like the Packers, the Celtics, the Steelers, the Raiders, the Bulls, the Cowboys, the Bruins, the Niners,  the A’s the Yankees, all of them, each one of these greatest of teams, having the greatest of players,  had the greatest coaches and greatest management behind them.  For without the organization,  without the tradition, without the unified vision, without the dedication, without the fundamental order there will be no championships, there will be no triumphs, and there will be no history! Only dire obscurity will prevail and all of these teams and their players will be forgotten forever in the unending march of time that is indeed merciless.

But given the coach, given the basic guidance, given a real fundamental understanding of the game, and given their own duties on that field, and if each is disciplined enough, and aware of their ultimate duty to the tribe,  the American is the supreme athlete, the supreme competitor,  the ultimate winner bar none!

As great a force as was the Spartan, put them on a field with a group of Americans, and when all is said and done, when all the blood and body parts are torn to shreds, it is the pride of Lions, and not the colony of Ants that will come out victorious. For the American is that supreme predator, that takes orders from no one, but only instruction, he can only be shown the way to his most excellent performance on the field! This supreme predator must know his place and know what is expected from him, but given that, he will use his supreme abilities in a way that none other can ever match…for this man, this supreme predator, is Free! He is Free, and all his days, and nights are spent in weaving, with endless cunning, and endless vitality the foundations of his own kingdom. When he fights at last, and when all strategies have been learned and executed, he fights for his own kingdom and will never stop till he wins! That’s the American exposed for what he really is when all the deceptive apologetic layers are pulled away.

Great Britain, at the height of her empire, once had wolves to boast of, America has Lions; teach them the ways of the pack, make of them a Pride,  and they are indomitable. They are the irresistible force, the immovable object all in one.  They are really the best the world ever had to offer and each of them sought out their ultimate destiny, their freedom, the right to be the best that they could ever be,  and this is why they came to America. To be the best. To be lions among men.

For this alone, they demand respect.

A note about Killer Whales

We should note here as a post script, that even the greatest hunters of the Sea, the most fearsome of all wild animals, the killer whales, must have their form, must have their community, and each is a member of a distinct tribe. Each member must be taught to communicate, and to  hunt, and to learn the ways of their tribe if they are  to live successfully with others of their kind. Each member must be coached by others, some of  whom may be past their prime as hunters, but who know all things about the art of the hunt. This is how the pack survives, even among the most capable of all natural predators at sea.

It has been observed recently that distinct Killer Whale tribes speak different languages, special to their own community. To our knowledge, we have never heard of two different tribes of killer whales make war against each other. Perhaps because each tribe is so highly evolved and beautiful,  that nature would think it a waste  to have them destroy one another. The Sea is a big place, room enough for all the tribes of Killer whales, all quite adaptable,  to find a place where they can thrive,  without the necessity of destroying a fellow tribe.


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