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You can never predict what an Idiot will do


The “Idiot” in all of us throws curve balls, even when fastballs are required.

You can look at nature and see many of her processes and understand them to some extent. If you understand them well enough you can predict what those processes might do in the future..again only to an extent(always subject to chance-both natural, and organic.)

You can look at the natural economy and say that it is overblown. You can look at the natural economy and say that it grew too large too soon and may for this reason be somewhat unstable at its foundations.

You can look at the amount of money lent out and you may say that it will endanger the system if indeed the returns are not what they were expected to be.

You can look at an economy and say that too much risk was taken. That too many processes unleashed were not well understood or accounted for, and that there was not enough command over those processes unleashed to warrant their widespread, global use. You can say that these poorly understood processes were the cause of the economic downturn.

All this is “natural” and can be acertained by a reasonably well attuned organism.

What you cannot predict however is what an Idiot, or group of idiots will do when they also see the same natural reality unfold.

When a normal human being sees that the sea has pulled out, and knows from experience that it usually means a large wave is coming, they will seek high ground as quickly as possible. But not so the Idiot. The idiot will see the fish now exposed at the sea bottom and run to pick up the fish, thinking that an afternoon fish fry party is at hand. The idiot will not run for the hills, like an average person might do, but decide instead its a good time to taste all the local seafood, thinking that a beer or five or six would certainly go good with his meal when the party begins.

Of course, the party will never happen, but to the spotless mind that dark cloud is an eventuality not worth considering.

Point being that you can never ever predict what an idiot will do given a set of circumstances, and that is why it has taken so long for all this we see today to transpire.

Yes we could see that the natural economy was upset, and that this would lead eventually to dire ramifications, but we could never predict what devices an idiot or group thereof might do in light of such economic frailty.

In the end, a fool will throw a curveball, even when what he intends is a fastball straight up the middle. Habits, and ways of being, die hard.

P.S. I personally thought the Seattle Seahawks would have destroyed the New England patriots in the Super Bowl. They were- simply put- the better team by far.

However, no one could forsee five of their eleven defensive starters getting injured during the game. So is the nature of chance.

But worse than this, no one could ever see the idiot in play.

Pete Caroll, head coach of the Seattle Seahawks is arguably one of the premier coaches in football history being one of a very few who managed to win championships in both college and proffesional football. Who would expect that one of the great coaches in football would, on the last play of a championship game surrender the destiny of his team to one of his coaching assistants? That on the last play of the game that assistant would call a play in which a three year quarterback not particularly known for his precision throwing would be told to throw the ball into the heart of the New England defense at the goal line? Something not even a novice assistant coach would ever do!

Meanwhile the most powerful running back in the league-the Beast!- is waiting to carry the Seahawks to their second championship with a small one yard carry past a defense he absolutely decimated during the entire game! Who could predict this? Who can predict what an idiot will do in the face of adversity?

For this reason those who rightfully predicted the Seahawks would win their second championship in a row, had to eat crow, and for this same reason those who predicted that this economic system was supremely flawed, like Ron Paul has been doing for ages, had to wait a very long time to see the final effects of a monstrouly stupid economic policy unfold.

For in the end, no one can predict the actions of a fool, who, even when faced with a collosal losing streak at the black jack table on some particular day, will only double down on his bet, rather than just walk away and live to lose another day.

Yet, what we should all understand is that the “idiot” lives in all of us at one time or other. There will be a time when even the best of the best allow the primordial idiot to rise from the depths of their soul and lead the way to oblivion. The best we can hope for is to keep this fool contained for as long as possible thereby avoiding the worst of the worst.

The author is no stranger to the “idiot” residing in his soul either, and many, many a time has paid dearly for his own fool’s inadvertent appearance.

Why Rand Paul?

Viewed from left to right: Rand Paul, Jeb Bush, George W. Bush, Loyd Blankfein, George H. W. Bush, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Janet Yellen
Viewed from left to right:
Rand Paul, Jeb Bush, George W. Bush, Loyd Blankfein, George H. W. Bush, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Janet Yellen. Ron  Paul background.

Why Rand Paul?

Why should anyone really consider Rand Paul as a presidential Candidate?

Rand Paul is a conservative. He is the son of long time Libertarian Ron Paul and he is certainly not a main stream Republican. He, like his father, is not very well liked by the Media, and many Republicans consider his views to be too
radical( though not quite as radical as the father’s views.)

For a long time now both father and son have insisted that the lending policies
of the Federal Reserve, and the increasing obligations held by the American people in lieu of the vast expansions of the past twenty years will become an ever greater burden on our liberties. They have opposed everything from our
wars in the Mid East and our unstable relationship with Russia, all the way to
the enormous power now garnered by the NSA under Geoge W. Bush, and maintained by liberal Democrat Obama. They have maintained that all of this vast expenditure is going to place the nation under the increasing control of the
Federal Government and in so doing compromise the freedom of Individual Americans and their communities.

These two, and their affiliates are standing against  the Democratic party, but also against most of the Republican party. They are both,  father and son, outsiders, outlanders to
the two main power broker parties in the nation. They are in some ways  Revolutionaries, rebels with a definite cause.

Yet in their defense, it should be stated that the only real rebellion they espouse is to return the nation back to the constitution, and to the basic individual freedoms there written by the founding fathers.

But in our rather “Liberal” age, they are indeed radical, and they have little support among the mainstream parties. Anything they would try to do, would be difficult, and their struggle will be uphill and difficult even if they should succeed to cast Rand Paul as president. Then again everything has been uphill for them, so they would not feel all that out of character.

Still we should understand, the first thing someone like Rand Paul would do as
president would be to change the Federal Reserve forevermore. The first major assault will be on America’s Bank, and he will there attempt to change the fundamental wealth structure of the nation. This is a big deal, and its radical. So radical that almost no other candidate will even mention any such intent, even as a joke, much less seriously attempt it. But Paul would indeed attempt to bring the Federal Reserve under the full control of the American people, and
the most powerful bank on Earth would probably lose its independence a few months after a Paul victory. There is probably no change more potentially explosive than this. Such a move would probably change the order of the world
as we know it. It would almost overnight take the world to a  firm conservativism unlike any we have seen this century, in fact not since the
Federal Reserve itself was founded in the early 1900’s has there been any kind of fundamental change as what is proposed by Rand Paul.

The United States Federal Reserve is indeed the most powerful bank on Earth, yet it is controlled by a few private independent Bankers with little authority or control vested in the American people whose money the Federal Reserve is actually playing with.

Should Rand Paul succeed in becoming president, we would be looking at nothing less than Revolution. The world’s wealth structure would have major surgery. And Dr Rand Paul is indeed a practicing surgeon as was his father Dr Ron Paul.
They are probably not afraid to cut.

But why now? Why risk supporting Rand Paul who is indeed an outsider and not very likely to have much support from the two main parties? Why risk so radical a change at this time?

The only answer we can give is that the world is in trouble. The real reason its in trouble, in the simplest terms, is because there is too much credit around.

But what’s wrong with too much credit? What’s wrong with a world awash in easy money? What is wrong with lending money around like its thin air?

The short answer is everything!

Too much money creates too much risk

The trouble with lending too much money is that too many things can happen that maybe shouldn’t! Too many risks taken, that perhaps shouldn’t be taken.  As we all are aware in our daily lives, there are some things we just shouldn’t try unless we know that they are reasonably certain to have a good outcome.
But when credit is lenient, too lenient, we can try anything at all, why not, the money’s there, its free almost, since no interest is going to be charged, there is really no reason not to take it, no reason at all not to try the fantasy, no matter
how unrealistic it may be. There is plenty of printed money available, there is little standard of credit to uphold, once you’ve made the first payments, the money’s there, and lots of it, just take it- take the easy money, and if you fail,
no problem just take more where that came from, and hope for the best. As long as there is Federal Bank that is willing to lend money for nothing there is no problem for those willing to take endless risks.

And risk has been taken…for a long long time now, its been taken quite liberally.
Almost without respite. Even when in 2008 we had the gigantic housing meltdown, there was still money available for bailout. And it was taken, and we have taken more and more with no real end in sight, no matter what we hear in
the Media.

However, when money is loaned out, there is a price after all- even if interest rates are zero.

The basic assumption is that any money loaned is going to lead to some betterment of the society in general. Some service, some good product, some
long lasting viable new way of doing things will evolve that is good for the society at large and also profitable to the borrower. And if a new productive service or product is attained-that is long lasting and evolutionary- we call the loan a success. If not, then its a failure. After all if we borrow too much, take too many chances that are not suitable, then of course there is a terrible
danger for ultimate failure. If we are not prudent in our choices, we will soon come to grief, as happened during the housing crisis.

Why Rand Paul?

The now bitter truth is that we have not actually attained much good, or success in the way of the world, yet trillions of dollars have been borrowed world wide, with very little hope of it ever being paid back, or of it ever doing anything of
value for the society at large. Except perhaps to prompt us all to consume far more than we can afford for evermore. Instead of to conserve our resources, which are after all limited by nature, we are instead told to spend everything we
have, borrow all we can, and hope there is a tomorrow to speak of. Yet as we all know, the good Earth provides only so much, and resources have always been limited, and forever will be limited. Conservation, both natural, and
existential, is always part of a realistic equation.

Excess availability of money and/or the desire for that available money also leads to other imprudent actions that can have dire consequences for the vitality of nations, and therefore for the Global community at large.

We have started war after war with that borrowed money too, yet what have
we attained? The world is exploding at the seams with strife and instability. Rancor and discontent are everywhere, even in our own homes. The world is more unstable today than it was 12 years ago when George W. Bush started the Iraq war(though we were all promised peace at the onset of the new Democratic regime that replaced Bush.) Moreover there is very little reason to think, no matter what we hear, that anything is about to get better. The disorder
of Pandora, once let out, is difficult to put back in.

On the “productive” commercial side, we have seen developed and produced endless numbers of gadgets, but what real good has been attained? Billions of gadgets sit on the shelf waiting for people to buy them while they accrue more
and more debt. There is still monstrous unemployment, and under employment, and even those who do turn a paycheck each week find that most of it goes to pay some hidden form of tax or other. We have hundreds of millions of people all around the world burning scores of hours a week checking their Facebook status. Yet these same people can hardly get a word
out to a person standing five feet away while under the influence of the “wire”. There is a price for everything.

We have invested trillions of dollars all over the world, but are we really any better off? Or do we simply owe all this money with very little promise of it ever being returned to the ordinary people from whom it was actually borrowed? All
of this lent out money actually comes from the devaluation of the ordinary person’s currency. Will that buying power ever be returned to the ordinary person from whom it was borrowed in the first place?

We have inflated the population of our nation with millions of people-all because that borrowed money needs to be put to use, “laundered”, but is there really any hope that these people will actually prosper, or that we as a nation
will prosper by those vast, less than legal increases in population size? Or are
we simply seeing more and more debt for our children and their children’s children with no real hope of ever paying it back? We have inflated the world’s economy to levels that probably cannot lead to any real prosperity except for the few who control the flow of money at the pinnacle. Meanwhile the rest of us are expected to pay all this money back-but how? Through all sorts of taxation on our meager earnings?

The present policies only inflate the labor market(as well as the renter’s market) leaving little hope of any real gains in wages for the average person. Meanwhile wherever there is a strong demand for any product, inflation roars
no matter what we are told by the Federal Reserve. Just ask the average person on the street if their paycheck today can purchase what it did even five years ago.

Even a good thing for the mass of people, like oil price reductions has turned to a bad thing. Firstly there is devastation to those actively seeking to increase this most fundamental of resources-for energy is, next to water and food, most fundamental to a “civilized” society. Most of the energy producers borrowed the money to risk exploration. It was freely available so they took the gamble. Yet now these companies have seen their earnings drop by fifty percent in a few short months.  This was the most profitable business in the United States! How can that be good for the general economy?

Even the ordinary automobile driver sees little benefit. How much of any road trip is really dependent on gas prices? Most of the trip, especially if long is mostly dependent on the tolls and taxes on the way. Indeed, even gas prices
have actually gone up(in order to pay the refiners own debt and taxes) and little benefit overall has been gained, or will be gained save but a severe
depletion of our most valuable resource. And be aware…resources are always limited by nature. And indeed, there will come a time of need and privation.

Resources are limited. Always.  What we have used today will not be available tomorrow. That is Nature’s way, and her dictums are inviolable. Today we burn gas that perhaps we do not need to burn. Today’s excesses will almost certainly lead to tomorrow’s privations. This is Natural order, and for us it is absolute in authority.

What this means essentially, is that we are looking at payback in the future, and a long road back to sanity. And it will be painful, of that you can be sure.

We have squandered much, and achieved little. And we owe far more than we can really pay. We are unstable as a Global society, and there is little to suggest that we will be able, under the present system to correct this outlook. For all of us, this is indeed a dire situation as we can see by what is now transpiring all over the world. The growing instability will eventually harm our cause and our economy.

All this was made possible with inordinately loose credit.

The fundamental reason for rebellion is that people find their own personal freedoms restricted.

You see when the central bank prints and lends, by implication it devalues the currency of a nation, therefore ordinary people’s money is worth  less because of the “new” money being added to the existing money supply.  Loose credit policy greatly increases the money supply while not necessarily increasing the actual value of the underlying society(and this “value” is complex and not quantitative, but qualitative.) The Federal Reserve actually stopped reporting the money supply some ten years ago, yet that money supply is really what creates price pressures-especially the new money created does not have the intended effect of positively stimulating the economy. The higher the money supply goes, the weaker is the underlying currency, the weaker the economic power of the individual consumer, or investor.

That means everybody pays for bad loans by having their buying power, therefore their investment power weaken. So essentially people have to work a lot harder to pay for the same thing they could buy yesterday with a lot
less effort! This is also because inflationary policies do not depend merely on inflating production, but also on inflating demand. This is the real motive behind the increase in population through importation of labor.  But increased availability of demand also means increased supply of labor, and a significant additional drop in buying power for the average person is the consequence.  The artificial expansion of labor may increase demand as desired, but it also decreases wages. Therefore demand goes up, but actual purchasing power may not.

Greece is not alone!

Like Greece, we are looking at tens of nations round the world that are faltering, that are buckling under the weight of their loans. One of these is the United States itself..(another is Japan)..oh little is said of it, since it is not really
in the interest of the major news outlets or the stock holders that control the media to advertise the Debt problem, but the debt problem is here, and it is a terrible burden and is the real reason that after all this money has been lent out
at Zero interest all over the world, hardly any good economic news can be found! All sorts of taxes, and private debt payments interfere with the price of purchases and make it impossible to hope for real prosperity for the majority of

The return on all this money lent has been little when we take it as a whole. The added complexity alone is expensive and little mentioned. But it takes a great deal more effort to deliver ten pizzas, than it does two. The society as a
whole must pay for that extra service, and if it is not equipped, it will suffer for it (instead of gaining from it overall as might be expected.) Moreover in order to sustain this system till collapse we will need even more money printed, lent out and borrowed from now on. We will not see the end of this system until it actually collapses under its own weight, under our own feet, and on our heads…..but when that happens…its going to be too late! There are no possible bailouts this time, there is no more credit available should the next crisis appear. When that day comes, and it will eventually, we are done.

This is why we need to consider Rand Paul!

As for Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush, the most likely candidates for the Democratic and Republican parties?…same ole same ole..possibly worse!

What these essentially promise, if you read the fine print, is still heavily dependent on the privately controlled and “independent” Federal Reserve and heavily dependent on borrowed money charged to the public. You cannot continue profitless wars without charging them to the public, you cannot increase the population without charging its added expense to the general public, you cannot increase services(whether good or bad in conception)
without charging that increase to the working public. Essentially these candidates are saying they will continue to allow the Federal Reserve(and the private-“elite”-interests behind it)  to spew out gigantic volumes of money, enriching the few at the top while the rest of the population actually has to foot the bill. But this is not a change- rather this is the “same ol, same ol”.

When we look at all the other candidates what we see is people tied to the same old lending machine that has gotten us to this point in the first place. We see Hillary Clinton with her strong ties to certain sectors of the banking industry, and we see Jeb Bush-George W’s brother – with ties to nearly all the Banking Industry that caused the GREAT RECESSION in the first place. We see the Democrats on the one side promising to continue inflating the population with millions of people while doing nothing to provide a better condition for the people already here…and we see the Republicans who promise us trillion dollar wars to secure our allies’ borders(while opening ours wide open to anyone from anywhere on Earth so they can work for nearly nothing) and then we hear these same Republicans screaming about social disorder while doing everything in their power to continue the social disorder. We see two parties deeply connected to the way things have been for a long long time, and two parties most likely to continue doing business as it has been practiced for a very long time-since their success, as privately sponsored parties, seems to depend on continuing these same policies. We see no possibility of change…everything Hillary
Clinton wants to do is going to require lots and lots of credit from the Federal Reserve and ever more New Debt added to an already prohibitive amount. ……And everything Jeb Bush wants to do is going to require even more new debt than Hillary Clinton’s agenda…and that’s an awful lot of credit and debt to add to our already overwhelming national, state, and corporate debt.

What these main party candidates want is to  continue to expand all over the world, while at the same time fighting wars that are of little real profit to those same people actually footing the bill. Though we talk about the mid east as being oil rich, and therefore deserving of all this military investment,  the truth is there is probably more oil on the American continent than there is in the Mid East. We dont even import any oil from the Mid East! Most of that oil goes to Asia and Europe. There are actually more proven reserves in Canada, Mexico, Venezuela and Brazil than there is in Iraq, Iran, and Saudi Arabia! So what are we doing there exactly?

Why are we spending these massive amounts of money fighting these destabilizing wars in the first place?

Moreover we have brought upon ourselves a real terror threat from these wars that did not exist before. We are now forced to spend trillions of dollars “protecting ourselves” here at home. All the while we ourselves are being spied upon by the NSA, which threatens the very liberty we are supposed to be defending. To say nothing of the increasing amount of tax that we are liable for,
and threatened by. The tax we owe is indeed a “personal” liability. The Lois Lerner case is notable. The Tea party had been singled out as a target. Was this politically motivated? How much more danger are our liberties now subjected to because of this monstrous debt that we all owe? Moreover where is the benefit to all this? How does this benefit the individual tax payer anyway?

The world is today in economic and political disarray. We all owe monstrous amounts of debt and there seems to be little hope of it ever being dissipated without a very definite loss in personal freedom. Where is the logic in all of this? Where in this “world view”,  this “system” , can we see sound, viable policies for the future?

As if that were not enough we are now seeing new war fronts opening in Europe, and Russia to add to the difficulties we are having in South America, and the Mid East! As if dealing with China and Asia, themselves suffering,  were
not enough of a burden,  we have recklessly decided to make Russia an enemy as well! Where is the reason in this? Where is the sound logic in this? How is destabilizing Europe, heretofore our most loyal ally, going to help our cause?

More to the point, all of this is adding to our already heavy burden as private citizens-both economically and politically as we see both our paychecks and our liberties threatened-to say absolutely nothing about the dangers of terrorism.  For what?

We are being burdened for the interests of the few and this burden is not about to cease, but only increase under the policies of the two major parties as they have been sworn to allegiance to the existing private concerns.

Is it time to say Enough is Enough?

Our personal burdens, and liabilities for the future, as Individuals, under the present system are just TOO MUCH! We need some real change…we need someone to come from somewhere else, some other enclave, to give us any chance for real change.

The way to stop this downhill ride is to stop the lax credit, stop the endless supply of easy money and therefore force a more serious consideration of what is feasible, and profitable, and what is not. In essence to make the credit answerable to the people from whom it is really borrowed in the first place.

Yet no candidate is seriously talking about it. All we ever hear are more promises to continue along this present path, and even add to our already nearly unbearable burden. None of the other candidates even discuss the debt, as if it isn’t there at all, as if its not important enough for them to even mention it. But anyone who understands economics understands that it is
important, and if something is not done, we will never be able to overcome our present economic situation. It should be understood that borrowed money automatically adds a potential for general economic contraction at some point in the future, even if it is successful as originally envisioned. Therefore the money that has been borrowed will at some point in time create negative pressure on the economy no matter how much economic velocity is gained.

You cant prosper if everything you buy is taxed ten times before it ever gets to the consumer. You cant prosper if everything you buy is leveraged with the burden of an existing debt. This is the real reason we are not seeing any real change in the economy. No matter how many jobs are created, they will not be prosperous ultimately, if they are created out of nothing but debt, and yet this is the going formula.

Only by controlling the debt can we ever hope to rise above it.

Rand Paul comes from a long line of fiscal “Revolutionaries” willing and able to
actually do what it takes to bring the fiscal, and financial house to order. He derives from the original Tea Party, named after the historical event of the Boston Tea Party of 1773 , where the American colonists rebelled against the British authorities because of too much taxation with very little representation. Rand Paul’s father. Ron Paul, has for decades argued that there is no way to prosper if all we do is borrow gigantic sums of money and pay taxes, though few in the congress, senate or executive branch wanted to listen. Yet, at this point we can safely say he was right. Looking at the present situation, it is unlikely that we are going to overcome these debts with more debt. At some point loose credit policies will have to stop and we will have to begin the long road back to sound economics.

Rand Paul’s Rivals

Rand Paul has supposed rivals of similar tone…but some of his rivals seem to be married to the banks that are the source of the problem. They are not trustworthy because of this. They are not likely to do what they promise because of their strong affiliations to those same forces that
promote loose monetary policy in the first place. Senator Rand Paul, who really is independent of the current power structure  just might do what he says….and that’s a risk worth taking – at least it is for some.

Rand Paul can stop this fiscal circus if he does as he has said he will do, for only Rand Paul realistically has even a small chance of returning the world to some kind of sanity and order because he derives from a political clan that has promised to do this from its inception. Only Rand Paul is suggesting he will take any control of the Federal Reserve. Most of the other candidates have promised us more of the same old debt based civilization with no end in sight to increases in taxation and debt burdens for the American people. Oh they all claim they will lower taxes, but they never actually show us any policies that can stop the bleeding. Rather most of them seem to promise grandiose ideas, but never actually say how the voters will pay for them. Leaving out the unseemly details of having to borrow the money from some bank, that first borrowed money from the Federal Reserve, whose money actually belongs to the voters themselves.

Sure, the public may believe in the verbal promises of the politicians, but where
is the substance, where is the real dedication to change? Anyone can promise to redistribute the debt, and therefore make others pay for it, but who among these promises to do something realistic to end the debt monster?

This then, is Rand Paul, this then is the viable cause for his candidacy.

All these thoughts are really what Rand Paul and his father Ron Paul have been harping at all this time. And what they say is significant no matter where you might stand ideologically. Essentially they are saying there is too much movement, too little care about where the movement takes us, and in the end, it has not taken us where we want to be-instead of looking forward to a prosperous society where everyone can live fully and free, we are for the most part overwhelmed with debt and taxation. More than that,they say, if we continue, it will only get worse, for Corruption knows no bounds. The only way to stop the fundamental corruption of our society is to take its money away-no money no honey!

Sobriety is not easily achieved.

But to be sure, any change will be painful. Perhaps very painful and discombobulating…for the entire world. As with any sudden cessation of a toxic substance, there will be severe withdrawal symptoms and a long recuperation to deal with if indeed credit policies are tightened. But such is the price of sobering up, of getting off the credit wagon.

But It has to stop some time, and the only one talking seriously and realistically about popping  this credit bubble, this “lottery “, winner-takes-all economy is the Senator from Kentucky, Rand Paul.  Yet if we don’t stop, or at least slow the credit , we cant stop the disorder that’s destroying the nation and the world. We cant say NO to stupid ideas that are just not going to work no matter how much money we throw at them until we actually stop throwing money at them. To correct the problems, we have to stop financing their causes. To say you’re going to end the problem while still financing its cause is not a valid argument.

Rand Paul  just might convince this nation, and the world, that something different is possible, something better, if even more difficult. For all the promise, and all the hoopla during the campaigns of 2008 the Democrats failed miserably to deliver any kind of fundamental change, though they had a chance to do so.

Most of the mainstream Republicans are the same stuff as George W. Bush, and for this we need say no more..and we don’t need more of those deceptions as a nation.  For many who have been discouraged by the present policies of the Republican party, senator Rand Paul is the only real alternative left. He’s the only real Revolutionary out there, he is the Rebel Right at its universal best, and this time most of the world may resonate with his cause . He’s the only one who offers any real fundamental change, at the very source of power-the United States Federal Reserve, and for any lack he may have he’s the only one serious enough to do it, and he’ll have to do if we are going to have any
chance going into the future.

This nation desperately needs change….if you
are convinced of that…Rand Paul represents real change in a new and fundamental direction. Sure its a risk(as there is always a risk when tampering with fundamental economic policy)…but sometimes you have to go for the risk if you’re going to have any hope of seeing a better world.

At least this is the “sentiment” I think behind Rand Paul. To be sure he is a severe underdog in these campaigns. And most of his supporters probably know that. The media will almost certainly attack him, and try to make him look
incapable of leading the nation. His fate may in the media spotlight be worse than Hillary Clinton’s when she ran against Obama in the primary, as the media absolutely destroyed her. But Paul also represents a more dynamic constituency, long fed up with the foibles of the ruling parties, and those who pull their
strings-these supporters will likely put up a ferocious fight no matter what the Media does.

One thing is for certain, unless something changes drastically, Rand Paul(or at the very least, his sentiment) is going to be around for a long time-one way or the other.

Who Should You Vote For? Election 2016

vote for2

Vote for the individual American

Who should you vote for? Republican, Democrat, Independent or Conservative, or perhaps some other party or ideology? The truth is that there is really one reason for voting in this election or any other election if you are an average American. You should vote for Freedom. Individual Freedom which is really what this nation is founded on ideally.

The problem with many if not most of the candidates up for election is that they are affiliated to the power consortium that runs, and has run this nation for decades. This consortium of interests has managed to bring this nation to a foul condition, so bad that not even the Mass Media, which by design was supposed to report the truth to the American people can do so. Not only has this Consortium of Special Interests fouled this nation’s ideals and objectives, as well as its economy, but it has also seized nearly full control of the Mass Media; this under George W. Bush who proudly sponsored the laws allowing this almost complete seizure of power by the few for the first time in the history of the nation. We cannot even know the full extent of this fiasco and how much of our nation is now in jeopardy, because our mass media is not allowed to report the full truth, but by the implications given phenomenologically, we can see that the problems we face are quite dire as a nation.

An Overseas Disaster is Brewing Thanks to Big Money Campaigns

Overseas: We have enraged a Billion Muslims, and for what? What was the objective? What was the gain? We are fighting endless wars for what? Where is the gain? What was the need to so? Only those who created this situation can answer for it in full.

Now, as if that were not enough we have enraged the Russians, a nation quite able and not likely to surrender to the will of a few special interests who control our own nation. Russia is a nation pathologically sick of special interests as they have devoured it throughout all of history. If there is any nation and people averse to the form of policy we now have it is these Russian people who have for ages been victimized by the greed and malice of the few.

But Russia is not Iraq. Russia is a powerhouse. She is rightly to be considered one of the most powerful nations on Earth. She has the wolf’s share of the world’s resources, that alone makes her a powerhouse. She is fully nuclear, fully space borne, fully able in all ways. And fully trained in awful war.  She is not the one who will likely back down, and especially when she knows she’s right and her adversaries wrong. There are now strong indications that special interests destabilized Ukraine and tried to put Ultra Right wing government there, something least likely to appeal to the Russians.

Their leader, Putin,  has now embarked on a mission to isolate our own nation in turn. He points out that we have been the  war mongers over the past decade, it is we who have destabilized and usurped nations at the behest of our special interests who control our government, media and finance. He, Putin, is now drawing converts who fully see us as the main enemy of world order and world peace! And he is succeeding for our interests really have been petty, really have been for the few and not the many. Out interests have not been democratic, our interests not for world order or for world peace. Our interest have been specious and for mal intent for the favor of the few at the expense of the many.

Putin, with China, and possibly India form an extremely powerful triumvirate that will stand in opposition to us in all probability. We have come close to opening Pandora’s box.

Nor are others anymore favorable. Yes the British government favors us, but do the British people? They have long opposed our practices in the mid east only to be silenced like us through their own corrupted media, owned and controlled by those devoted to the rights of the few over the rights of the many.

In Germany, Italy, France, Spain, and many others, though their governments may seem sympathetic, and in financial need, their people are anything but committed to our present course in foreign strategy. We are alienating billions of people because a few special interests want their objectives to be ours.

But their objectives are not ours.

Our Own Nation is a Real Mess thanks again to Big Money Politics

Worst of all, and the chief reason to pick your candidate carefully is because of what’s happened here in our own nation. Where we see money handed from the very highest printing press of the Federal Reserve gratis to the very few at the top. Trillions of dollars spew out of the Federal Reserve system, printed and fresh with little real backing, since our real economy has been degenerating over these same years of endless free credit to the few. We have a grotesquely overgrown economy whose only real natural inclination is to collapse and this was done only for the benefit of the few special interests who managed to usurp our political system. What’s worse and never mentioned in the main stream media is that it is we, the ordinary people of this nation who will owe all that money for decades. If you have a job, you know how much of your check is going towards the debt. But this is only the beginning. When the credit spigots clog, and they will eventually, the demand for repayment will begin in earnest, and the taxation, one way or another will become a permanent burden for each and every American for decades to come. And for what? What have we accomplished?

Gets worse even still: We may have forty million people in this nation who do not have any real legal status under the constitution. Whose only real legal foundation is the particular whim of the local governor or president. I am speaking of the illegal immigrants who are now here, now part of this nation but who have no legal status here. There is no more dangerous a precedent than this, and whether you are either for, or against all this, you understand that this is not the way things should be. This dilutes everyone’s legal status by implication. Whether you are a naturalized American, or an illegal alien, your rights here are compromised, your ultimate unknown! We don’t know what the solution here will be, or what the consequences of that solution! Yet this is what these special interests who control this nation have desired to create. A fundamental instability that undermines the foundations of individual rights and individual freedom under the constitution. When forty million people are not recognized by the constitution something is critically wrong, whether you are for illegal amnesty, or against, something is critically wrong!

More than this even is the constant tendency to make the individual American as little as possible. The interest of the one is relegated to the chance decisions of the few who control this nation in its ways. The individual here is little more than an animal it seems, as if he counts almost for nothing if he is not somehow connected to some syndicate or other. Yet this nation is founded on true and real individual freedom and this has always been the true reason for its success. Free people can think, free people have the time and space to wonder if something could be better, but they cannot do that if they are forced into endless subservience to the bottom lines of the few at the top. Our nation has now almost completely abandoned the ideal of the individual. Either you belong to some organization, some particular section of the special interest matrix, or you stand alone, with not even the law on your side. But this is not the way things were supposed to be.

The NSA scandals, the IRS scandals, the leaks of Wikileaks, all these are tied to this constant loss of individual freedom, and it is a conscious effort by the few to eliminate as much of our individual freedom as they can. And so here is where your vote comes in.

A Simple Formula Saves the Nation: No Big Sponsor Candidates

Choose that candidate who is least affiliated with the power matrix of this nation as it is now. Choose the candidate that wants to bring back real individual freedom and rights. Choose that candidate who is least sponsored by the powerful, whose campaign is least endowed with billions of dollars of advertising money. This is the candidate most likely to care the most for individual rights, and is probably the reason he has little advertising money in his war chest. Its easy to choose, easy to spot the big, corrupted war chests, there are hundreds if not thousands of sites on the internet that will let you see who took what from whom and how much. What you never see however is the why.

You should not need an advertising war chest to be a successful  political candidate. The only thing you should have is a message and in this age of the internet we have the power to bring that real revolution to fruition at last. Where a candidate can stand on real principles and not on lobby sponsored war chests meant to make personal lawyers of those same people who purport to represent us. Vote for real freedom, vote for real individuality, vote for that candidate that will give you those rights upon which our national constitution is founded. Leave the major war chests, and the “phony baloney” campaigns to wage a meaningless war between themselves while America grows strong again.

Americas strength is not to be found in the criminal syndicates, or all powerful organizations, but in the spirit of a civil individuality. Vote for that candidate who is most likely to stand up for the individual and who will not continue to support the rights of the few special interests that have coordinated a disaster on our nation and our world over the past few decades. Find and vote for that candidate who will restore this nation back to its intended constitutional order, and who perhaps has a few bright ideas going forward that might make this nation even better than it ever was! Find that candidate, and your vote is worth its weight in gold, vote for mighty campaign war chests, and you might as well stay home, you would do better. These do not likely represent you….the individual American!

A Simple Formula : Pick your candidate like you would your house, or car…shop around! And vote for those who would make this nation stronger, for all of us and not just for their sponsors!

Inflation Kept Artificially Low, No More!

No Pic? Dont know Why but New Fed Chief Yellen is going to have to Atone For the Sins Of Her Predecessor
Yellen Now Fed Chief Will Have to Pay For Everything Ben Bernanke Did As Real Cost For Money Comes Due

see News : We are now in Recession!  After years of stimulus, endless government borrowing, and Zero Interest, we are in Recession …Again!

also see why are bond yields still so low?

Seven Reasons for the Appearance of Low Inflation

We have for years heard that nominal inflation was low and that there was no large rise on prices in general but the truth is that In reality there was a surge of prices but a few factors acted to hide that reality from the public

Food Was Expensive, Soaked Up Discretionary Spending

One was that because food was expensive during all this time,  it left little room for extra money so that people could buy other less necessary goods. So other goods, and services not crucial to existence were not experiencing the rabid demand that one might expect during a reflation period,  and so prices were seemingly lower for most non-essential products.

Rent Cheaper Due to Housing Boom and Bust

Rents were also lower. The housing collapse caused a huge availability of housing and this kept rents low,  so rents showed up as being relatively tame on inflation. But then again they went up big time during the housing boom so they were already quite high. But from year to year they were being measured as tame, though they were anything but.

Oil Came Down From Bush Presidency High’s

Another reason for the apparent “low inflation” we saw in the general media was that Oil prices had in fact come down from a gigantic high set during Bush’s presidency;  and this tended to suppress non-core inflation for most products and services.

ever wonder why do we have guns?

True this way, but oil was not cheap at all,  it was only relatively cheaper than during Bush’s time where at one time it reached one hundred fifty dollars a barrel so by those standards it was cheaper.

Great Recession Kept People From Spending

Yet another reason- perhaps the chief reason- inflation was showing up as contained  was that the economy was so depressed after the Bush years, that no matter how the faux inflation numbers were being reported in reality there simply was not enough economic energy to push prices up for non-essential goods like electronic gadgets and various other optional products and services. Demand being suppressed suppressed price in turn.

Outsourcing of Jobs

Add to that the fact that prices for manufacturing were being kept low due to the manufacturing migrations into China and Asia. As more and more companies went to Asia and South America and other places with loads of cheap labor prices were kept relatively low, even as profits soared beyond all reasonable expectations. In the end however, when inflation was measured it kept coming in low as companies would often migrate to another section the minute workers began to demand higher wages. This worked for quite awhile, but as we have pointed out before, once a nation experiences the influx of capital everything becomes expensive, including labor. Therefore we should begin to see a rise in foreign labor costs adding to the problem.

Cheaper Immigrant Labor

 The rise in illegal immigration kept local labor prices very low and so the domestic production of goods and services was costing less on the surface during the time of immigration expansion.  But ultimately the consequence is that as the rise in the immigrant population settles  it begins to increase demand for all goods, services and resources and so the effect is going to be very short lived. For as long as the water runs it feels cool to the touch but as soon as it stops running its real temperature increases. When all the new comers finally settle down, all the savings in labor are soon paid for with a severe rise in prices.

Super Low Interest Rates

Add to that the most profound reason of all,  which was  that the Federal Reserve was in a sense subsidizing the producers by offering extremely low interest rates and thus allowing large corporations, as well as the United States government  to borrow gigantic sums of money without ever actually beginning to pay anything back(just borrow ever more) and this kept prices very low since there was no pressure to raise prices due to costs. If there were costs, then companies could just borrow more money to cover the costs and keep prices at a level where they could still keep selling in large quantities. Of course the amount of money being borrowed was huge. That money is coming due, and as interest rates adjust, and nature takes her course, the real cost for all that borrowing is going to show up eventually.

The Real Cost of These “Inflation Busters” is now coming due

Combined all of these forces kept inflation seeming to be under control for many years.

However, the “free” trial period is now long gone and it’s time to get charged for all that service, and for all those years of artificially low inflation. All of these forces are now at their maturity, and their underlying cost is about to show up, and as this happens  we are about to hit a wall of fantastic inflation. In fact the economy may well collapse and even then we may well see prices far too high for people to afford the simple services and goods they need. Even as production comes tumbling down, availability will also come down, but due to the odd distribution of wealth we will see higher demand in some places thus prices will continue to surge until the system cleans itself out. The time is ripe for so very strange a set of economic oscillations that even Adam Smith would be puzzled.